Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Done Froze

It's to darn cold

to do much of anything.

And I don't know how to just be inside.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You poor baby and winter is just beginning.

lola said...

Board games anyone? Plenty of time to pet spotlets.
Great pics. Yep, it sure has come. Maybe you will get a reprieve & have some warmer weather before the big onslaught. Do stay warm. Too much sickness going around already. Gonna be a bad winter I'm afraid.

Frances said...

It shore is! Here's an idea, read old blog posts, think of how many older posts there are that you may have missed. I am doing that with Tropical Embellishments. You may have seen me there last night. I got back to Feb 6, 2007 and have really learned a lot, about many things. :-)

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! When is your next inspection? Once you get that done then there will be things to do inside the cozy cabin. (I hear you when you say it's cold, but as you add the insulation and close up those holes, it will be much warmer.) How about reading some good books, or writing your own about "Betsy"? You can put your garden designs down on paper and do any extra research on plants you might want to add. You can do a garden design for my place (hah just kidding)!

After all those suggestions I think after following your blog I'm not sure you are the type that sits too much! Just catch your breath from all you have done this summer and fall and look forward to a relaxing winter. I think next week it is supposed to warm up a little, isn't it?

Annie in Austin said...

It all looks beautiful, but slow internet and cold weather would make me fidgety, Christopher.

The Canadian bloggers have garden blogs in summer and then transform themselves into fabric and knitting blogs for winter...got any yarn and needles?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose