Monday, November 17, 2008

Inside The Cozy Cabin

It's getting cold outside. Let's go in the cozy cabin and have a look around.

Standing at the front door looking in, on the right is the standard size bathroom and on the left is the galley style kitchen.

Here is looking up from the living room to the loft space. The loft covers the kitchen and bath space and is 10'8" long x 14' wide. The flat ceiling area in the loft is four feet wide and eight feet tall. It drops to a six foot head clearance two feet over on each side. You can see the cross tie beams in the loft that the flat part of the ceiling will attach to. In essence there is an eight foot wide area through the center of the loft with non-ducking head clearance.

This is the view from the window in the loft. When the Hemlocks are done dying and fall down, I will have more of a north view to a higher part of this mountain.

Now we are in the kitchen looking into the living room. You have to imagine it without those big bales of insulation. It will be roomier when those get put into the walls and a whole lot warmer inside too. Right now being inside the cozy cabin gets you out of the wind which is a huge help, but the roof is vented and there are all kind holes for electric wires, plumbing and deadbolts in the cabin that let the air in. It's still a might chilly inside.

This is up in the loft looking down into the living room and across to the smaller storage loft that is above the front door.

This is the window I will look out of when sitting at my computer desk while blogging.

This is round two of snow and frigid Arctic cold massing at the border right before sunset. To get this view I will have to go next door to the resident gardeners house. The cozy cabin was not blessed with quite the same view.

That is where I am now, in an insulated and heated house thank goodness, cause it's snowing again.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your Cozy Cabin will be so charming when it is finished. Good views and plenty of room.
I hope Spot and the Spotlets are cozied up together keeping warm. Have they ventured inside yet?

Gail said...

A wonderful view from the Resident gardener's residence! Your Cozy Cabin looks like it is getting ready to be completely insulated from the arctic blasts.

Anonymous said...

Cozy Cabin it is. Your views are spectacular. Even the snow is pretty. Yes, it will be much better once the insulation is in place. Yes, a great view from the Resident Gardeners residence. It is all very inviting.

gintoino said...

Looking good Christopher. I bet you can hardly wait to have it ready. How much longer do you expect it to take until complet?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa the kitties first attempt to come inside and stay warm was a bit traumatic. We are still in the momentary investigation stage.

Gail and Lola I will finish a few more items in the framing and electrical and call for an inspection, hoping he will not mind coming back another time for the plumbing. Then I can do most of the insulation, except where the plumbing will be and put on the exterior siding.

Gintoino, I hope the cabin will be done by June/July of 2009.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, my first thought was for the kitties too. Traumatic is never good though. How about luring them with catnip? Some cats are wild for it, some could care less. It works on Kitty when he accidently opens the door himself to get out to get him back in. I love the view from the loft, not seeing that one before. Hope the inspector complies. Very cold and windy here too. No pix with those conditions.

Anonymous said...

Very nice tour of your cabin. When it's finished the "before" and "after" pictures will be so satisfying to view - both for you and for us! (:


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