Monday, January 25, 2010

After The Deluge

And before the snow starts to pile up.

When the rain finally arrived yesterday afternoon, boy oh boy did it ever pour. It rained hard for eight hours and then managed to spit out a few more downpours into the early morning. It was raining so hard I did not go down and check on the texturing progress of the drywall.

A call this morning let me know they had not finished during the deluge and her helper would be back today to finish it off and could I let him in. The rain finally stopped. The wind continued to blow. The sun was making an attempt to peak through and I wandered down to the cozy cabin to have a look.

I really need to get this slope stabilized this year. The few sprigs of vinca I have planted that have not slid down the hill are alive and doing fine. A mass planting is needed that will give good coverage before next winter. The slope is amazingly stable considering last year's monsoon and the freeze thaw of winter, but bit by bit it has been eroding away. I will get a couple of nice big rocks from this recent slough off though.

I don't worry about the cut of that slope too much. The vinca covered cut along the resident gardeners drive is just as steep in places. There certainly is no shortage of naturally occurring slopes like that in these hills either. It is just a matter of getting it covered and with a root system that will hold it in place.

The rain had stopped. The sun was out. The drywall work was still in progress. I couldn't let this snow free hole in the weather go to waste. The other crushed junipers were cleaned up. Then I took the manual hedge clippers and started cutting down two acres worth of the dried up stalks of the more woody perennials that just won't lie down on their own. Started is the operative word here. The daffodils will be here soon. I want more of a clean slate for the spring show.

Underneath all those brown leaves and dead stalks is the vinca covered slope. It might get a gentle raking closer to spring, but it looks a whole lot better already without all them brown sticks poking up.

The drywall texture was finished. I must say I was a bit surprised because I was expecting a more uniform color. I did not realize the texture goes directly onto the drywall paper where it did not need mudding to hide the seams and screws

A coat of primer after it has cured will give it a more uniform finished look. The actual wall colors are yet to be determined.

The texture looks good though and can actually be seen better against the off white of the paper than the same white as the mudd work.

All systems are go. Some detail cleanup and a coat of primer and I can forget about the drywall.

When the wall colors are chosen I will just be painting the walls period.

The clouds began to return mid afternoon and the temperature began to fall. The wind just keeps blowing. A powdered sugar snow has begun to fall.


Siria said...

WOW ... it looks awesome! You must be thrilled that the walls are almost done. That hill you cleaned up looks really nice too. I know you must have enjoyed some outside work during the hole in the snow/rain weather. I guess tomorrow you'll be working inside again. Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

I think maybe that arrow is pointing to heaven - can't be too much further up from where you are. (: