Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Before The Winter Storm

It is certainly no surprise. There is another winter storm a coming. It is still January after all. Could be one with a bunch more snow. I take the predicted amount of snow in these diagnosis with a grain of salt. You just can't ever really tell what these mountains are going to do with moist cold air. Could be nothin or it could be another major dump. I just make sure I am prepared with enough baked goods and other assorted foods.

The emerging daffodil bulbs will have another day of pseudo warmth and sunshine in preparation for the Bulbapaloozathon. The winter storm is scheduled to begin Friday afternoon and they are likely to be buried under a white blanket again.

The first of the Hyacinthoides hispanica have begun to appear. They are late bloomers waiting until about May when they form a carpet of pink, white and blue.

The Snowdrops, Galanthus nivalis are greening up and the blooms are swelling. There might even be an open bloom tomorrow on the last day of potential sun before the winter storm. Bulbarella took a big shovels worth out of this main clump last fall. I was concerned it might have shrunk considerably, but you can't even tell she pinched a bunch to spread around. Some even spread down to the cozy cabin.

The snowdrops do spread on their own. Not fast enough it seems for a certain someone and mostly they were headed down hill to the driveway. A little assistance was needed to spread them uphill. I'll have to keep my eyes open and see if I can find where she put them.

I prepared myself with a few more things than baked goods. A load of V joint tongue and groove for the ceiling in the main room was bought. It is enough to get me started. If I had known it was this light I would have gotten a bigger load. I just did not think I could carry the whole ceiling in my truck in one load and was not certain I would even be able to get down my driveway.

A bucket of primer for the newly textured walls is another project that will keep me busy while the snow flies.

The ceiling basically starts at the top of the drywall with two widths of short pieces between the rafters. Those pieces need to be just right to insure the tongue and groove fit snug at the first length of board above the rafters. I'm wondering if I should start with a temporary board above the rafters to get the right placement for the lower boards. There is up and down wiggle room between the wall and ceiling because that joint will be trimmed. Some figuring will be in order.

Once I get above the rafters and the floors of the two lofts it will be easier. The ceiling will be made from 12, 8, and 4 foot lengths with staggered butt joints. The butt joints first have to have a V cut into the ends with a special kind saw. The whole thing is a giant puzzle that has to be cut and fit one board at a time, so no Bev I will not be staining it first. I have a piece of plywood up in the rafters storing stuff out of the way now. That plywood walkway makes access up there quite easy.

We are ready for the coming winter storm. Got plenty baked goods for me and food for the kitties. The cozy cabin is staying toasty warm with the little electric heaters. I have wood and paint for interior construction. Let it snow. Go ahead. I can trudge to the cozy cabin. Everything I need is in there.

Now let's hope the power doesn't go out.


Les said...

Congratulations on your silver for the Gone Wild photo contest.

Anonymous said...

I love your picture of the cabin! As for the boards, we didn't stain ours, just put clear polyurethane on them. They darken on their own and we like the lighter look - but then, you have light drywall on the walls instead of more pine. As for the one board at a time and the figgerin', I sympathize! I warn't no good at the figgerin', just good enough to be the gopher, so I can't help there.
It will definitely keep you occupied while the snow flies; good luck!


Siria said...

Hi Christopher! That is awesome that you won silver in the photo contest. Congrats from me too! Stay warm in the upcoming storm and think positive thoughts on the power! Love the picture of the cabin!

Lola said...

Big Congrats Christopher. I knew you would do great.
Love the way the Cozy Cabin is coming along. Yep, let the white stuff fly, you have lots to keep you busy while it does.

lisa said...

Wow, you are acclimating better all the time! I saw that storm on radar, wishing I could get more snow cover up here. Mine shrank, and now my lows are in the - teens at night (gone is my garden!) Good luck in the storm, Nanuk! ;-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Congrats on the silver award at GGW photo contest. Good job!! I am anxious for you to get your new ceiling in too. Wow, the Cozy Cabin is coming along by leaps and bounds now.

Anonymous said...

This coming storm seems to have the weather people up in the air, one degree difference in the temps and it will be snow, sleet or rain. Could be all three. The cabin is so bright with those light walls now. It really does look cozy and you sound happy at the thought of doing the ceiling. You must like working puzzles, at heights! You also must be buying baked goods by the case. :-)
ps, well deserved on the photo contest. Your shot was pure art!