Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Arrival Of Dire Need

There is a long moment of sublime beauty after the storm has passed, the sky has cleared and the sun shines brightly on a new creation. Then it begins to melt and messes it up.

For a short while the melt may have its own beauty. Melting ice glitters in the pure sunlight high in the tree tops. This picture only gives a faint idea of the sparkling canopy overhead.

I was prepared to stay put. This winter magic can come with the cost of immobilization. Or so I thought I was prepared.

Silly me. I did not give one iota of thought to how much primer it would take to paint the newly textured drywall. I bought one gallon thinking I was buying a lot.

One gallon of primer covered one and a half walls. To do two coats of the entire interior will take at least ten gallons. I have no tongue and groove lumber for the ceiling. I have no primer for the drywall.

The blue pot is empty.

I was forced to break out the new big scoop snow shovel and start clearing the driveway or face a couple of days or more, weather depending, on doing nothing.

Shoveling ice topped crusty snow is not near as quick and as painless as moving the light as air powder snows from before. I got about half way down the drive, almost to the crest of the hill. Tomorrow I can shovel more.


Anonymous said...

The second coat of primer should go farther.
Scenery still absolutely beautiful!

lisa said...

You got quite a layer of white there! If this kind of weather keeps up, you could certainly rationalize purchasing a four-wheeler with a plow blade (and a dump wagon, road grader, plow...they make all kinds of cool toys for those things! :)

Siria said...

The beauty around you is breathtaking. I'm sure you weren't thinking that though as you shoveled that driveway! Hope tomorrow some of that snow has melted for you.

Christopher C. NC said...

Sallysmom thanks for that tidbit of info and thought.

Lisa this is supposed to be the south dang it. I am friendly with the neighbors and he does have a big tractor in the shed he hardly ever uses.

Siria while I was shoveling I was thinking my this snow is crusty and heavy. Supposed to be sunny again tomorrow with a chance of freezing rain in the night.

Grace Peterson said...

Gorgeous doesn't even begin to do your photos justice. Maybe sublime comes a wee bit closer!

fairegarden said...

Rats! The sky is so blue and the trees glittered. You will get your supplies and may the work go quickly. I am amazed at how cozy the cabin is looking already with finished walls and ceiling. You must be so proud! :-)
The title led me to believe you had run out of baked goods.

Anonymous said...

Gaa, nothing like running out of supplies just when you are rolling! You are smart on the rafters; we tried to box them in with paneling to make them match the walls/ceiling. In addition the rafters met the cathedral ceiling at an angle at both ends. I thought my husband was going to go crazy trying to cut the boards! (He calls it "upholstering with wood, haha).
Your progress is exciting and you should be well on your way to occupancy come the good weather!


Lola said...

Beautiful scenery, nothing like it. Cozy Cabin looking good. Not too much to go. You must feel so proud of you accomplishments. It is a great thing that you are doing.
It won't be long till you can start planting & watching all grow. There will always be something to do.