Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Poking Through The Snow

It came to my attention a few weeks ago after the Big Dump of '09' that proper etiquette meant I should shovel out around my mailbox if I expected delivery to continue. It was piling back up again. That gave me a reason to head outside in this new round of snow.

This has to be the lightest and fluffiest snow by far. It was as if pieces of the air had taken form and gathered on the ground. Imagine the sensation of trying to shovel air.

I really need me a proper snow shovel with a big scoop. I just don't want one bad enough to drive all over looking for one to buy.

The new thermostat was put in. It works just fine. Hopefully I can stop fretting over the furnace now.

The on and off with the well pump frozen water traumas put a lot of dirt in to the system. The system was flushed. The filters were cleaned. The water was turned back on and still no water in the toilet downstairs. I think that water line must have froze too. Between opening the cold basement closet to let in more warm air along the wall where that water line resides and running a long stream of hot water down the closest drain line, the water finally reappeared. It doesn't mean it won't freeze again. Today's high was 15 degrees for a brief spell.

Just look at how fluffy that snow is.

I am really liking this sedge, a carex species no doubt. It holds it form in the snow exceptionally well and even holds on to most of its green color.

It grows here on its own so it could be a native plant. Not knowing its species name it could also be an invasive exotic. Either way it is here to stay no matter what I do. So, I plan to make good use of it in the garden to be.

( After much searching on the internet I have come to the conclusion this plant is a rush not a sedge. Juncus effusus, Soft Rush is a very strong possibility. That would make it a native plant. The rush genus Eleocharis is also possible as well as a different species of Juncus. For sure it is a rush not a sedge in the Carex genus. )


Anonymous said...

How are the cats taking all this snow?

Anonymous said...

Ah, all is well again, water, heat, a home cooked meal. Good to hear it. That carex is a keeper, no matter its provenance. Things that can stay green through all that has been dished out are useful garden plants. More snow coming in a couple of days, here they say. Such a cold beginning this year. My journals show the first week of the year to usually be more balmy.

Christopher C. NC said...

Sallysmom the cats are taking very little of it. I'm not sure the snow is the problem so much as the bitter cold.

Yes Frances, the patient has survived the ICU care and looks to be on the mend. After lots of searching I now think this is a rush not a sedge. Juncus effusus is a strong possibility. Juncus and the rush genus Eleocharis are more likely than the genus Carex.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is good to hear that your water is running, heat is on and your post box is shoveled out. Whew. Lots to do in this awful weather. The stone walls look charming with a cloak of snow. I like the green of the rush too. Definitely a keeper.

Lola said...

The white stuff looks like cotton.
So glad you have all of the essentials going now. Glad the kitties are doing well.
I agree the proper shovel would be nice but why drive around looking when it's possible all are out. I would call first to make sure one can be had.
I too agree that the rush is a keeper. I find I'm liking the grasses a lot.

James Golden said...

Definitely a Juncus, though I don't know which one. I have them all over.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree; when you first said it was a Carex I thought it looked like the Juncus in my yard. A keeper!
Your snow photos are beautiful, especially the caps on the rocks and other structures. Keep warm!


Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Your photos are gorgeous as always! So happy to hear your heat and water problems are resolved, and I hope those lines don't freeze on you again.

Have you looked at buying a snow shovel online? What about Ferguson's ~ that might be an item they carry. Just a thought....

Stay safe and warm!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa it was touch and go there for a while. I talked to my mail carrier today. I think she cut me some slack cause I was from Hawaii. She told me she put notes in some folks boxes.

Lola I have made due with a regular flat shovel. My patience has now been rewarded. I own me a snow shovel now.

Hi James. When I went searching the Carex just didn't seem right. It is the only Juncus I have found up here among numerous Carex species.

Bev you keep warm too. I know what 40 in Florida is like. That humidity penetrates deep.

Siria the snow is coming again tomorrow. I got lucky at Lowes today. Next week it is supposed to get warmer, hopefully enough to get the kitchen sink faucets back.