Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Blooming Spirea

What is there to do when it is 12 degrees outside, the sun is shining brightly and four inches of new snow have fallen in the night? Break out the new big scoop snow shovel of course. I must say this is a wonderful improvement over a regular flat shovel. The entire driveway can be shoveled in just under an hour. If I needed to go some where, I could. It still looks snow covered, but there would be enough contact with the gravel beneath for fine traction.

While shoveling I noticed the spirea were blooming again. In the bright sun and light breeze these blooms will only last part of the day.

There is mention of more sun and a high of 40 for tomorrow. It will be a fine day to go to Client #1's residence and cleanup the mangledge still there from the Big Dump of '09'. Up here I must wait for the snow pack to melt.

There is more snow in the diagnosis for Monday night followed quickly by more sun and warm temperatures. Then back to rain and snow.

I think I will still be counting the weeks before the snow pack completely melts.


Anonymous said...

Have you been able to work on the cabin any?

Lola said...

Pretty pics Christopher. It is a nuisance at times. But it seems we need it to replenish the moisture in the earth.
Do take it slow & easy. Stay warm.
42ยบ here.

Phillip Oliver said...

It is very beautiful.

Les said...

I know it is cold and inconvenient, but it certainly is beautiful.

Christopher C. NC said...

Sallysmom construction on the cold and cozy cabin has come to a frigid halt.

Lola we might make it to that down in the valleys tomorow.

Yes Phillip and Les it is beautiful. I do feel fortunate that I am able to see it and feel it despite how confining it is on activity. I should probably get me some snow shoes for hiking.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Snow shoes are a double positive for you.

Layanee said...

While you were shoveling, I was reading seed catalogs. I know that I should get outside but....too lazy and its' warm in here. Two degrees yesterday morning was no incentive. The spirea blooms are just lovely even if fleeting.

Annie in Austin said...

Thanks for sharing the beauty of your way-too old-fashioned winter, Christopher.

Seeing that snowshovel brings back memories of our 100-foot drive in Illinois. It could be fun to shovel in the right clothes moving the right way. From what I remember it was was when the pressure was on to speedily clear a path so people could get to & from work on time that one of us would get careless and twist a back, shoulders or knees.

Happy 2010!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anonymous said...

I do hope you got down today, just for a break in the scenery, no matter how beautiful. It is warming here a little, above freezing anyway today. yes to snowshoes.