Saturday, January 2, 2010

Two Layers Of Long Underwear

An inch of snow turned into three and when the sun finally attempted to come out at 1:30 this afternoon an extravagant high of 12 was momentarily reached. Some of the snow on the roof even melted in the sun's meager rays. Just enough to drip on to the deck and form a layer of ice. Sweet.

It was a beautiful powder snow, so light and fluffy the wind had no troubles getting it moving again after its final descent. The NC ski resorts must be in heaven. This kind of powder snow doesn't come along that often in a southern winter.

So much for shoveling the driveway down to the cozy cabin and exposing the dark dirt and gravel for a solar melting assist. Hopefully I will still be ahead of the game to an eventual usable driveway here in Arctic Carolina.

I can not afford to be so complacent with the driveway next door. I'm running low on baked goods and sugary treats and had intended to go to town today. Instead I put on another layer of long underwear and went out to re-shovel the drive. It was actually pretty easy, not much more than dragging the shovel through the light and fluffy powder. Then a test drive was in order. The traction on the frozen gravel surface was most excellent.

The scenic byway was another matter. It must have been snowing further down keeping the plows busy. It was not kept in its usual tip top shape today. There is supposed to be more sun and no snow tomorrow. I can go get baked goods tomorrow.

A blowing snow changes where things land. At least the blowing seemed to be less than the diagnosed speeds. Cold is so much more pleasant without the wind.

The high peaks of North Carolina are building up a snow pack. I didn't know that could be done here.

The deep freeze continues. The final exam of my frozen plumbing prevention program is underway. So far I have lost the cold water spigot in the kitchen sink. I don't take full responsibility for that though. It does that regular and I have not done anything extra to prevent it.

The well is not frozen and last year's open floor surgery on the shower drain looks to be holding. I had anticipated the furnace's water exhaust freezing and meant to check it. It froze before I looked. The tell tale breathing difficulties of the furnace alerted me that it had fluid filled lungs that needed draining. Fortunately I knew what to do. Now it drains into a pot in the unheated basement closet.

The sun set an hour ago and it is 7.1 degrees. The suggested low is 10. How cold will it get tonight in Arctic Carolina?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Absolutely beautiful photos. It doesn't look that cold. Are you sure it was that cold? tee hee. Just giving you a hard time Christopher. Go ahead yell at me. That's ok. I just couldn't resist a little tease. It got up to a balmy 22degrees here. I feel so fortunate.

Christopher C. NC said...

It's true Lisa, it didn't look that cold, especially once the sun peaked through. Out of the wind it really isn't that bad. Our low this am after the sky had lightened and after I got up at 7:30 and it was 10, went down to a balmy 8.6. I'm hoping we get to 22 tomorrow with full sun and no wind cause their is more snow a commin.

Lola said...

Beautiful pics. Christopher. That sure is cold. Hope it doesn't last long.
It was 15ยบ at 6 A.M. this morning in my home town. I don't remember it getting that cold when I was a kid but I guess it did.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola this cold is here to stay at least until Wednesday when more snow may be coming and it gets up to the low 30's.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful in that tundra of Carolina. Hope you have lots of winter gear. Next time you make baked goods, put a good stash away in the freezer for the future. Bad luck on the water spigot though, and smart thinking on the furnace draining. And the driveway.

Anonymous said...

You are making me shiver. You are beating the elements so far, but I will be happier (as will you!) when you are in your cozy cabin built for cold winters.
The picture of the mountains looks much more 3 dimensional than usual. Perhaps it is a combination of the snow and the bare trees giving more detail. Take care and hope you don't lose power again!


Kitty Parmley Cunningham said...

It is as cold as a mother-in-law's embrace in the Piedmont. I'm not shocked to see more snow up where you are. Don't forget the wool socks.

Christopher C. NC said...

Frances I buy baked good, I don't make baked goods. I do have large stash of winter clothes now for layering.

Says Bev from the now chilly Florida. Lows of 24 in the Jacksonville area I heard. I sure hope the cabin fares better. With all the plumbing above ground and in the floor the extra insulation is going to have to do a good job. I took the mountain view picture mid day with the sun shining more on it. Normally I do sunset time when the sun is more behind it.

Christopher C. NC said...

Kitty I like that little saying. MIL's embrace. Too funny. Let's just say I only have one pair of wool socks on at the moment.

Les said...

Wow, it is so cold there. More power to you, I could not do it. We will be getting our coldest weather of the season in the next few nights (according to the forecast). It will be three dog nights and fortunately we have three, plus two warm cats.

Christopher C. NC said...

Les if I can get used to this you could too. I think I hear three dogs coming through the woods right now.