Saturday, January 23, 2010

Before The Deluge

Rain, rain, rain, rain and the current diagnosis says a big rain is coming, a flash flood kind of rain.

The ridge top garden is now snow free and I pick up sticks dropped from above from all the snow and wind and rain so far this winter as I wander through to see what's coming up.

The damage from the Big Dump back in December is accessible now. Compared to what I have seen out there were we spared. There are lots of fallen limbs, some broken branches on a few rhododendrons and a couple of crushed junipers. It does not qualify as devastation.

This juniper with all the broken limbs removed could just be said to be having a bad hair day. I am really interested in leaving it be just to see how much it will grow and recover over the summer. How much will it sprout along the interior stems and will it form a new green top in a single season or is it toast?

A strong south wind has begun. I can hear it colliding with Hebo mountain. For now the mountain protects us from the gathering fury. When it comes the Snowdrops won't mind. Barely two inches tall and putting out flower buds, a strong wind will not break them.

The drywall texturing is scheduled for tomorrow when the big rain is supposed to arrive. They will be perfectly snug inside the now warm and cozy cabin and may not even hear the pounding rain and wind over the loud air compressor for spraying mudd on the walls. One more item of construction will soon be checked off the list.

The next project will be the tongue and groove wood ceiling in the main room. I actually drove down the driveway to the cabin today so hopefully I will be able to get that load of lumber down there on a day when the weathers decide to cooperate. I have been told too that at the very least I should put a coat of primer on the drywall after it has had the proper time to cure. I can now move forward no matter what is happening outside.

Good thing because after the deluge, more snow and cold is on the schedule. It's back to winter once more.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see and hear that there was only minor branch breakage, especially after seeing so much more destruction down below. The weather not holding up the progress of the cabin will be wonderful and must bring a smile to you, finally. Right now, the big system coming next is in Arkansas but moving at a good clip.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good to hear you are able to be out and about. It will be interesting to see if the juniper survives. I was outside today nipping limbs off bushes and vines. It was a wonderful winter day. It is supposed to get bad here soon too. We must enjoy it while it lasts.

Christopher C. NC said...

Frances even though it has been a pretty bleak week of grey and rain, winter temperature wise this was great for the drywall. She did not have to fight a warm wall on one side and a mega cold wall on the other. Yes we were lucky up here, but then we are very low on pines which seem to have taken the brunt of the damage.

Lisa in between rains I have been wandering about looking at and doing a little of the cleaning I'd like to do before spring and before the resident gardeners get back.

Anonymous said...

Great news about being able to work inside the cabin now no matter the weather! Have fun with the tongue and groove; our entire house is pine tongue and groove paneling which we put up ourselves. Those 16 ft boards can be great fun to fit on a ceiling alone; hopefully you will be working with shorter lengths! Will you be polyurethaning them before or after they go up? We liked before.
Love that lichen photo. There is always something interesting to look at, even in winter. Here in Fla I regret to say it's 75 degrees....

Grasshopper said...

It's good to know there are only few damages, although you still have to check again. Here in Florida, the garden is not also at its best. And we can't prune the frost damage just yet. We just need to wait a little while longer.

chuck b. said...

"I can now move forward no matter what is happening outside."

Wonderful news!

Lola said...

I think all will be fine once the sun comes out & warms everything. I'm sorry about the damage but it will recover. The Juniper I don't know about.
My snow bells aren't blooming yet alto they are up. My forsythia is budding.
It's 61ยบ as I type. Sunny even tho we had more rain last night & tornado warning in the wee hrs. of the morning. Sure will be glad when this weather settles down.