Monday, January 18, 2010

Signs Of Life

Four days of melt and two days of rain and there are still bits of snow of laying about. Across the scenic byway on the north facing slope of Mt. Hebo is even more lingering snow. Arctic Carolina is taking its sweet time to exit the premises.

The grounds of the cozy cabin are a bit slower to melt than the ridge top garden as well. No matter. I am supposed to be working inside. Tomorrow I will play drywall assistant to help prep the less than stellar details of the drywall hanging by amateurs for the taping and mudding.

An agreement has been reached and if all goes smoothly, the drywall will be textured and completed by Friday. Construction has resumed after a long frigid pause.

There they were waiting patiently under a thick blanket of snow, the Galanthus nivalis or Snowdrops. The warmer days ahead could have them blooming in no time.

A couple of weeks after the new year and life begins to stir once more.


Lola said...

That does look like a sunny Spring day. Just a touch of the white stuff to remind us that it is still winter.
Glad you are getting the mud done. On to completion.

Les said...

Wow, you can actually see the ground now.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're going to do that textured drywall? They have that down here in Florida; I am not familiar with it. In my area it's all smooth drywall, just primed and painted. What are the advantages of texturing?

Another large step of progress! I can see move in day ahead somewhere in the warmer season!


Diane said...

Snowdrops!! How exciting!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola we have been reaching 50 degrees for a portion of the day. I'm loving it.

Les you can see most of the ground. There are still pockets of snow and higher up more snow.

Bev one advantage of textured drywall is that it will help hide any imperfections of which there are quite a few in the cozy cabin. A smooth finish is less forgiving.

Diane they are the absolute first to bloom in the spring. Running late this year.

Lola said...

I know you're enjoying this warm time as you don't like to have to sit around. Some of that comes from your zodiac sign. My youngest is the same. He is always doing something. Raising 2 boys does keep him busy.
Have fun.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The cabin looks ready for attention. Our snowdrops are popping up too.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for drywall finishing! I love watching the pros do it, no wasted effort, or mud. We keep looking for the snowdrops here, but not yet. You do sound happy! :-)

Layanee said...

I love the time lapse of the drive with the spruce as the snow melts away. We are having a bit of a melt also although there is mud as a result. The good with the bad. The cozy cottage continues to enthrall me.

lisa said...

We had the textured walls when I was growing up, which is cool to paint as the mood strikes. My bedroom was lavender and white for a few years :)

pattycraft said...

thanks for the preview of what's to come up north here soon!