Saturday, January 30, 2010

That's It ?

By the time I went to bed last night a veritable blizzard was raging outside. The wind was howling and the snow was coming down like a collapsing wall. I expected to see mega drifts out there in the morning. Instead it looked like there had been no more accumulation during the night at all. So much for a foot of snow.

Then I stepped out into the snow. Crunch. This fresh fluffy looking layer of new snow was as hard as a rock. Well this is a new experience. There must have been a switch to freezing rain during the night. Hmm, what are these clear frozen droplets falling from the sky?

The wintry mix fell lightly all day. There were even several snow showers. It never did quite make up its mind what it wanted to be and stick with it.

There was a lot less snow than expected, but I don't think I even want to try shoveling this rock hard bonding agent. The brand new big scoop snow shovel can just sit this one out unless some dire need arises.

All the tongue and groove lumber from the first load is now on the ceiling of the main room of the cozy cabin. It got off to a bad start this morning with a 12 foot length that was not straight and I was unable to convince it otherwise. Once I gave up on it things started working more smoothly.

Lumber by nature is not a precise material. There is always some rogue board lurking in the pile to torment you. Measuring isn't as precise as it is cracked up to be either. That is why trim was invented.

Trim can wait or another day though. I want to coordinate all the baseboards, molding and trim as much as possible. I'll think about trim later.

Next comes the cold. Who knows when I will be able to get another load of V joint tongue and groove lumber down to the cabin. If I am lucky there will be a clear driveway and clear day before the next round of snow arrives later in the week.

In the meantime the drywall will get two coats of primer. Uniform finished looking walls are bound to make me happy.


Kitty said...

You took long enough to post that I was concerned you'd lost power again. Glad to see you're OK. We have about 8 inches on the deck and have been glad to stay inside (mostly) today.

Siria said...

YEAH! posted which means you have power. The power over Hebo mountain at our place is out. That ceiling looks great. I can't wait to see the uniform walls. You have me motivated to get some re-doing at my place. If only I was as talented as you!

Christopher C. NC said...

Kitty we only got about five inches total. Or maybe it compacted with the freezing rain. The ice layer on the snow is about an inch thick. Very crusty. Every where else, trees, decks, ect the ice layer is just a thin coat. Thank goodness I still have power. Without it I would have entered survival mode.

Siria the way the wind was blowing last night I am surprised I have power. It was coming from the east. Normally it is a north wind. I don't know how talented I am with construction stuff. Just persistant and willing to read directions.

Anonymous said...

Yikes I hate that crusty stuff. I hope it is not crusted on the power lines. Your boards look very nice and you are working fast! You can miter the joints if you want (I can't see if they are?) but it slows things down. How will you handle the rafters? I'll have to send you some photos of our house sometime and you'll see why I am interested.
I laughed about the rogue board - been there, done that! Even with two of us we couldn't get some of those boards banged onto the previous one!
Glad you are warm inside working while the weather stinks outside. I have to admit,Florida is growing on me, even if I like snow.


Christopher C. NC said...

Bev all the butt joints are mitered before I put them up with a 45 degree angle like the way the V joint of the T+G is made for their long joining seam. The rafters I just plan to seal or stain when that choice is made as to depth of color wanted for all the wood elements. The really terrible thought for the day was, I could just put more T+G floor on those rafters and have a whole other guest room up there.

Lola said...

Gosh, hate that crusty stuff. It's more dangerous than just the white fluffy stuff. So glad you still have power.
T&G looks great. Can you later make another guest room or is that it?

Unknown said...

Looking good so far. And I'm still grinning about: "That's why trim was invented." Very good point!