Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rain To Brown

Four days of melt and sections of bare brown leaf covered ground are starting to show in the ridge top garden. 10,000 daffodils and an equal number of minor bulbs may soon be released to make their appearance.

The rains have come to assist in the melt. By tomorrow morning the world may have largely returned to the color brown. It might all get covered back up with white snow again tomorrow night, but at least progress is being made.

Progress with a little potential for minor flooding down in the valleys. There is a lot of snow up here in the high peaks and there are a lot of high peaks 2000 feet higher than me that may have even more of a snow pack. A rain assisted fast melt can get ugly.

An appointment has been set with a drywall contractor to come have a look at the job. The spacer boards were put on the last side of the main girder today and it is ready for the 1x10 facing board when the snow melts and I can get to it easily. I'll take the return of the monsoon if it means it will be warm enough to start working on the cozy cabin again.


Lola said...

Yikes on the flood for the valley. Glad some of the white stuff will be washed away. Just hope there will be no more.
Progress is a good thing. The Cozy Cabin will appreciate the new covering inside her.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola if we get the up to two inches of rain possible in the diagnosis it could be a problem. So far it is drizzle and mist.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher, all good. The bulbs seem behind here with the long cold spell, no snow cover. Hope the drywall guy gives the thumbs up and you can begin working on the cabin again. And dream of spring.


Siria said...

Here's to progress!!! All that snow kept things in a standstill for a while. Good luck with the drywall guy. I'm looking forward to seeing new pictures of the cozy cabin as you move forward.

Anonymous said...

White is nice for awhile, but then you become glad to see brown again, huh. Can't wait to see the cabin interior all drywalled and taped!