Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back To The Garden

Where vibrant yellow with a touch of orange is not in the least bit annoying.

Where cotton candy pink in the Meadow Sweet, Filipendula species is quite lovely.

Now if they would only bunch together a bit tighter and not wander off so much, the fluffy pink would be even sweeter.

Where white becomes bold in a sea of green.

And not a bit of the rainbow of colors seems to clash in disturbance.

Back to the cool and calming garden.

Where even subtle shades can make a statement.

And odd combinations are given their due.

So simple

And sometimes so impossible to mimic in the matters of man.


Siria said...

You are too good with words! Love it! The garden is gorgeous and soon your Cozy Cabin will be done and these color decisions only a memory. :)

Anonymous said...

Is that Ms. Collar in the last pic?

Christopher C. NC said...

Thanks Siria. I get to quit thinking about color for a week at least while I'm in Buffalo.

Yes Sallysmom that is Ms. Collar on a stroll with me while Crawford was napping.

Lola said...

Love your elegant way with words. Sometimes we do need a break from what we are doing.
Enjoy Buffalo