Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Monsoon Returns

The frequent showers are more like daily down pours, but free water is good and I have learned to move through the heavy moisture and remain dry.

I was inside the cozy cabin continuing on the backerboard underlayment for the tile floor. All that is left is three sheets in the bathroom. Then the joints can be taped and mudded and tile time can commence. At least on the floor. That tile is settled.

The new 1 x 1 glass tile sample arrived and I hated it. I've looked all over online for the original choice and can't find it. It is back to square one for the decorative accent in the hospital white shower tile. I won't say which glass tile sample is the desired one. Tell me which one you like and we can compare tastes. Remember the shower wall will be glass block with a glass or clear door. The sink is clear glass that to me has a green tint, though it is called white. The floor tile you see and know.

The skies finally cleared and the sun made an attempt to come out at the end of the day. There is a lot of soaking wet foliage and droopy flowers out there.

I do think I could do Pam at Digging's Foliage Follow-Up now. I don't think I have the motivation for another meme even though there is some striking foliage combos out there in the rain forest.

The hydrangea that never blooms is going to bloom this year. Normally the H. macrophylla freeze to the ground in the winter and it takes them all season long to maybe produce flowers just in time to freeze again in the fall. For whatever reason the old wood on the macrophyllas I have seen all over in my travels looks to have survived the winter in much better shape than normal.

Would you believe there is a freshly wacked path running diagonally through the middle of that picture?

I think I like this bi-racial hosta. It could be making an attempt to revert to green or it could have been a planting mix up.

It is supposed to monsoon again tomorrow.

I will attempt some of my assistant gardener duties in the morning before the deluge begins, then move back to the cozy cabin and finish I hope the last of the backerboard underlayment for the tile floor.


rainymountain said...

I like the lower left set of colours best, they would go well with glass and green tinted glass. After all those months of snow it is amazing how quickly the greenery has grown up and covered everything. Will you be whacking your way through it with a machete by late summer? I have this picture of a tiny figure trying to push his way through overwhelming leafage.

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten how much I missed the sunset mountain photos until now!
As for the tile, I am not crazy about either one, but in general favor the top right because, imagined in quantity, would seem less garish. But taste is certainly highly individual.
I wonder if the hydrangeas were protected by snow cover this year better than others. Has your mom tried any of the new macrophyllas that bloom on new as well as old wood?


Antique ART Garden said...

Bottom left.

Jeff Branch said...

Do you know the name of the hosta that can't make up it' mind what color it wants to be? Interesting.

I like the bottom left also.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The bottom left goes with that white tile the best.

All of the hydrangeas in my garden are blooming their best ever this year. I think it is because of no late freezes.

That hosta confusion is something I haven't seen before. I have a Sum and Substance hosta that has one leaf that is half dark green and half light green. A strange look for sure.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I agree with Bev. I'm not crazy about either one considering the floor tile, but if it's between those two, I'd choose the upper right.

We've been getting the daily downpours too. The sun comes out right after the rain which creates steamy conditions in the yard. The A/C is working overtime to remove the humidity from the air. A dehumidifier in the basement is sucking water from the damp concrete. It's always just enough rain for the plants. Beautiful sunset.

Kitty Cunningham said...

It appears I'm in the minority. I like the upper right, best. They look like the colors in a mountain sunset. The bottom looks like sea glass.

I planted a hydrangea last week and it looks like we're growing the same variety. I stopped at Home Depot, intending to get a pink one and then play with the soil, for giggles. But the pink ones were just too garish and the Nikko Blue was just lovely.

Cheryl said...

Skip the glass - go with one of the natural stone insets available now - not so trendy as the glass and will look great with your floor tile!

Kitty Cunningham said...

(What is this plant?

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Hurray for the progress on the cozy cabin! It is looking great. I don't mean to throw a monkey wrench in this decision, but I think I am with Cheryl. Have you looked at the tiny tumbled marble tiles? They are very natural looking and would match your floor tile much better than these 2 options of glass tiles. I do love glass tiles, but am not sure I like these 2 options with your floor tile. Your sunsets are breathtaking!

Lola said...

2 toned plants. What is going on? I love it.
My prevalence of the tile would be the upper right. It's tone is muted therefore allowing the white to pop. But it has enough of the floor tile to blend nicely. Just my opinion.
What you choose is up to you. It will look nice.

Christopher C. NC said...

Ah it is inevitable, the varied opinions and taste in tiles. The lower left tile with the blue, green, white and tan was the original desired, no can find anymore tile. The upper right new sample certainly works, but for me it is too pink. No pink.

The idea was to work off the clear glass sink top and pull the tile floor color in as a bonus. I did run across many stone and ceramic 1 x 1 mosiacs, but it wasn't the overall glass theme. I was hoping a new jolt would come from getting other's ideas, alas it is still glass and the search continues.

Dinner time.

Christopher C. NC said...

Rainymountain, ( that should be my name ) by the end of the summer the goldenrod, New England Aster and angelica are well over my six foot head.

Bev, that H. macrophylla is one of the new improved supposed to bloom on new wood hydrangeas. It has been a disappointment to the resident gardeners. I think I have my groove back on for getting the good sunset pics now.

Gina you have great taste.

Jeff after much quizzing there is no name on that hosta to give you and the resident gardener was horrified at the suggestion that it was accidentally or deliberately planted for the combo effect. The best guess is it is a small sized lime green/yellow leaf reverting to green.

Lisa that is a good thought, no late freezes to kill the old wood after the juices have begun to flow in the spring.

Tom at this elevation the after the storm sun is steamy only as a vaque thought.

Kitty blue is good. There is plenty of pink stuff out there. The other hydrangeas are all white. The plant at Breadcrusts is Acanthus mollis blooming at the Bellevue Botanical garden in Oregon.

Cheryl the stone mosiacs just were not calling me. I may have OD'd on them being around so much new construction in my landscape work on Maui.

Siria it is interesting how some folks want to match the tile floor and I want to match the glass sink.

Lola the best guess on the two-toned hosta is a reversion back to green.

Kitty Cunningham said...

Thanks. There's a spot at the end of my deck where a lilac died that I think will accommodate a plant of that height. :-)

(I've dosed the ground there with nematodes to kill the grubs that killed my lilac.)

Lola said...

I took a second look at your tiles. I was trying to pick the clay {dirt} color from the upper right sample but now that I really looked at it I can see the pink in it. NOOoooo.