Monday, June 28, 2010


Hughes satellite internet service has been pitiful for a week, most horribly pitiful this weekend and now in the middle of a thunderstorm when a satellite signal might be blocked, at last, speeds faster than dial-up. Perhaps all that electrical activity in the atmosphere is giving Hughes' pitiful signal a boost.

Thank goodness by the time I sit down in front of this computer my day has already been full.

There was a rare moment on the evening stroll a couple of days ago when the kitties sat still in the same spot long enough to take their portraits together. They are a year and nine months old now. I think two is when they officially become cats.

Miss Collar is still the shy and skittish one, but gets better all the time. Occasional bouts of neediness require belly rubbing and ear scratching.

Crawford is the clown and bold adventurer with a chicken's heart who startles at the first strange rustle. That is a good thing. There are larger varmints about and we hear them howling often enough.

It can't be unusual for cats to follow, dog like, on a garden stroll. Most every cat that has ever spent time in one of the resident gardeners large gardens went on strolls.

It is an extra entertainment to watch them experience the garden in their own fashion.


Kitty Cunningham said...

They are a very handsome pair.

Cindy, MCOK said...

I love that last photograph: Crawford seems to be saying "Don't just lie there ... do something!"

Lola said...

I love that last pic. It is nice to have them on much needed strolls.
To clear my mind isn't Crawford on the ground?

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Your gardening cats are beautiful. Great pictures!

Christopher C. NC said...

Kitty they are brother and sister and Crawford takes his role as big brother very seriously.

Cindy that picture does call out for one of those LOL cats captions and I was tempted.

Lola Crawford is the striped tabby one and Collar is the black and white one.

Siria they are good companions. It will be interesting to see how they will take moving next door when that day comes.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I had a cat that lived to be 18. She would follow me all around the garden. When she was young like your kitties she would venture out of the garden some. I lived on an acre at that time. When she got older she knew our parameters and would stay home. Of course our garden got more jungle like over the years so she had lots of places to hide and seek. Eventually she made herself a house cat. I just love the portrait of your kitties. They seem to be jolly companions. Maybe there are too many people using the computer service at once which makes it slower. When the storm was coming everyone but you got off the service so yours was speeded up.

Antique ART Garden said...

Now I want both your cats. I love the picture of Collar with the green cat eyes , seen thru the foliage.

Lola said...

Oh my gosh. Now I do feel stupid. All this time I thought the black & white one was Crawford. She showed up more.
I stand to be corrected.
We had an all white one one time that was deaf. Had to put a collar with bell on her so we could hear her. But the completely black one was first. He was something else.