Monday, June 28, 2010

What The Kitties Saw

Summer has reached the mountain top. Another wave of blooms is here.

Diversity of bloom is concentrated in the sunnier areas. In the shade, hosta blooms. The astilbe are waiting in the wings.

Order is really found only in the weed whacked paths. It is now a regular job for the assistant gardener, who finds it more aesthetically pleasing than the chemical sprayed brown paths.

Have I given up on the idea of a proper garden?

The chaos kind of grows on you.

Minus a few of the more thuggish natives it can looked purposely designed.

Hidden away is the ghostly native Indian Pipes, Monotropa uniflora. This saprophytic (feeding, absorbing or growing upon decaying organic matter) perennial is a member of the rhododendron family believe it or not.

The chaos can surprise you. I don't want to completely conquer it.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This chaos as you call it is beautiful in my eyes. I have only seen Indian pipes one time in the wild. I think they are a treasure.

Lola said...

This chaos could not be any better. I think it is candy for the eyes. Mine anyway. I've never seen the Indian Pipes. They do look unique. How long do they last & do they open?

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! I love your garden and although one thinks chaos brings on the feeling of stress, your garden brings on a feeling a tranquility and happiness. All those different colors and textures ~ it is lovely!

I've never seen Indian pipes. Does it grow deep in the shade of the forest?

Anonymous said...

Any chaos in the veggie garden?

fairegarden said...

Oh Christopher, Indian Pipes is a favorite of the natives, I love seeing the photos of them in the books, never dreamed of a real live one in a garden that has been visited. Do let there be some chaos, as if you could stop it. Weed whacking the paths is such an improvement over the spraying too, as long as you are up to it, that is quite the chore with all the paths you all have there.

chuck b. said...

I suggested your Monotropa uniflora as a Botany Photo of the Day. Well, they've probably already had it. Anyway, who knows.... they might ask you.

Christopher C. NC said...

The Indian Pipes come up every year in the same shady place. I am sure there is more than the one patch of them out there.

So true Frances. I'm lucky to keep the chaos in check.

That would be cool Chuck.