Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fancy Lilies

These lilies do not grow in ditches. I don't think they could endure the periodic mowing for long. And the daddy long leg said, "Welcome to my lily."

You should know by now what happens when a wave of bulbs goes into bloom. Someone says, "I think I should order more of those ... in different colors."

Surely there is a vast array of colors and styles of the fancy kind lilies.

But where would she put them? A garden that had been shrinking is suddenly expanding with the arrival of the assistant gardener. The meadow. There is sun in the meadow.

The ridge top garden is near full.

And the sunny spots are in short supply.

As the summer shade thickens, hosta thrive.

The astilbe begin to bloom.

In pink.

Pink is fine outside.


Lola said...

For the love of color she enjoys most. She also knows the love of the Assistant Gardener {except pink}. It is a lasting tribute to the place where love abounds. A most valuable commodity. Embrace, enjoy & return that most precious thing.

Pomaika`i said...

Aloha ka kau, Chris - I just found your now-idle blog, Tropical Embellishments - how I wish I knew you were there! I have been struggling to keep up my humble spot in Pukalani, being unexpectedly stuck here in So Cal. The locals I had tried earlier were earnest but woefully garden-ignorant, ripping out my neat little coffee bush, badly whacking the roses, and so on, before I saw the damage and sent them off. Iam certain I'd have hired your firm if only I knew. May I beg of you, could you point me in the direction of other firms that I might contact to help me keep up my place until I get there next year?
Oh, I apologize, totally off-topic but you have clearly already bonded beautifully to your new home. It has been a real treat to read your posts!

Anonymous said...

How many lilies does Bulbarella put in one clump? Can lilies be divided like daffodils are? Does she fertilize and if so when and with what kind?

Siria said...

Bulbarella's garden is so beautiful and it is obvious that love abounds there! Tell her if she runs out of space she can always come over to my place and garden. :) Those lilies are gorgeous and I think I must add some here as my new granddaughter that is due to arrive in September will be named Lily.