Friday, June 4, 2010

On Today's Stroll

We saw alliums.

There are several kinds of allium blooming now.

The pink spirea are blooming in many locations.

The rambunctious Ox-Eye Daisy are putting on a show.

The orange, native flame azalea are still lighting up the now shaded forest.

But the lush green is most dominant now.

A stroll is required to see the hundreds of colored dapples.


Antique ART Garden said...

Where's your cat or you ( your rock formation identity ) in these pictures ? I like these paths .

Christopher C. NC said...

Gina the pile o' rocks that is me is about 3 acres away from where these pictures were taken. Crawford was terrorizing Collar on today's stroll and they were running around like maniacs. No good photo ops.

Anonymous said...

The cat mania makes me smile. Mama Spot knew what she was doing, eh?
Does your mom have any hydrangeas, or are they not bud hardy up there?
I can't remember if I saw any among all the dazzling photos!


Lola said...

Yes, a stroll is a must to see most of all. I would imagine that it's very hard to see all.
Those kitties are just being "kids". I'm so glad you have them. Poor Mama Spot, I think of her often. She must have know she was leaving her babies with a wonderful loving person.

Lola said...

I meant to ask, How is your Dad doing? Is he able to walk around the mtn some?

chuck b. said...

I would make a little bouquet of ox-eye daisies for the cozy cabin.

You have no roses, do you?

chuck b. said...

Nevermind. I scrolled down and found roses.

Christopher C. NC said...

Bev, the kitties were still being kitties today. Catness will come soon enough. Yes we have hydrangeas. The H. macrophylla actually is loaded with buds this year. Normally it freezes to the ground. H. macrophyla all over are having a good year. We also have the native H. arborescens and the H. arborescens 'Anabelle'. Anabelle is looking piqued this year. Caterpillars and the Lush have engulfed them.

I think about Mama Spot often too and think maybe one day she will come back. We have plenty room.

Lola my dad does go for strolls on the mountain about every other day. He has even walked to the cabin and back several times. He is doing well but still tires easily.

Chuck there are roses all over. Lots of Meidiland roses, native wild roses, my sad Knockouts, they need more sun, and a small collection of old shrub roses and tea type roses. They are actually less viscious than the blackberries.

Lola said...

Love that orange azalea. Is it Flame?