Friday, June 18, 2010

Little Cataloochee

The computer has been in an ornery slow motion mood for days. I have been a bit wore out from touring the wonders of WNC. Our travels may eventually make it to the blog.

I think it was Wednesday when Cataloochee was on the agenda. We saw an elk, but it was moving quickly and did not stop for a picture.

The driving tour of Big Cataloochee included stops at the preserved buildings. This is the Caldwell house. I saw this last fall.

A little detail.

The barn with child.

This time the plan was to do the hike into Little Cataloochee. We did.

Where the Little Cataloochee Baptist Church remains.

The cemetery was on the ridge line below the church and had a sweeping view of the farms and valley below before the forest returned.

Nice neat rows.

The Hannah log house was built in 1864 by John Jackson Hannah. It passed to his son Jim who remained there until national park days.

Jim was a farmer, beekeeper, sawyer, justice of the peace and Sunday school teacher. Melissa, his wife was a hardworking farm wife.

A rail fence enclosed the yard; beegums stood on the hillside; and the garden, apple orchard and fields spread out around the house and barn. This log cabin represents dozens like it that used to be in Cataloochee.

Wandering around the Hannah homesite I saw an old apple tree, forsythia, ditch lilies and Vinca minor all near by, a little bit of archaeological botany.

Cataloochee last fall.
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Anonymous said...

Now all you need is for Annie to do research on that tombstone.

Lola said...

Boy, I sure could use some of Annie's method of finding out about a family member.
I love the history of the people of the mtns.