Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Deer Tracks

It's like a magnet. I can't just drive by. On my way to work I have to stop and have a look at the roadside vegetable garden. I look close. Seeds are still germinating on the first of June. Is it a weed or a seed?

This morning I saw sharp pointy hoof prints in the soft wet ground. Uh oh. A deer has wandered through the roadside vegetable garden. Did it sample any of my baby produce or puncture any plants with its sharp feet?

I saw a pretty butterfly.

Nope. The deer did not eat a thing. It must feel exposed right out there beside the road. Besides there is ample Lush in every direction. Everything is growing in the vegetable garden, yes, but it seems so slow compared to the Lush. It must be the watched pot syndrome.

I watch this pot as the world revolves around it. It never grows, never boils, yet it is constantly changing.

I look closely at a lot of things.

And I saw that the deer did nibble on the Baptisia 'Purple Smoke'. I am happier with a deer who prefers shrubbery over produce. Now if I could just wean that raccoon off of corn.


Lola said...

Glad the deer didn't munch on anything important.
Do they make fake corn?

chuck b. said...

Those tiny mushrooms are too cool!

jim/ArtofGardening said...

If you could find raccoons that like venison, many of your problems would be solved.