Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Half A Process

Is better than none.

The morning required a serious vegetable putter and a trip to the dump that was followed by a nap before the mudding began. It is much easier mudding and taping the floor seams than the shower walls and it is half way done. I can see a tile floor in my future.

A tile floor is coming to life in the time of the roses and lilies.

There are several Meidiland roses on the bank above the parking area.

The daylilies are every where and the first blooms are showing up.

The first of the asiatic lilies are here.

It is the time of the daisies too. They hover on the margin of a status as a weed.

A cute little blue allium is here. I would not mind this being weedy.

More lilies would be good. There are not hundreds and hundreds of these yet.

The hosta are in their prime. What else do you grow in the deep shady place, besides astilbe?

Hosta, hosta every where. New ones are purchased solely because they are different than the ones already here, hopefully. That gets more difficult with each new hosta.

Wandering the paths of the ridge top garden,

To see what there is to see.


Siria said...

Hooray for the tile floor! I love that last picture. It is just amazing how lush and beautiful everything is.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria the tile floor will be another major milestone for sure. To answer your question, the walls will be painted after the tile goes in. The color is still undetermined. I do want to paint them next before all the cabinets and trim work gets done. I'll just lay a cover over the new tiles.

Lola said...

Ok, jealous of all that greenery, not to mention the blooms. Things down here already look as if they had been burnt somewhat. Everything there is a much deeper green.
Won't be long till the tile will be down. At the rate your going you should be in by late Summer. Just in time to sit on the porch & look at all that Fall beauty.
Those strolls are necessary.

Jeff Branch said...

What is your favorite source for hosta?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I sure hope it will finish up by late summer, early fall. It has been a long road.

Jeff my personal favorite source of hosta is division from the collection my mother has spent 20 years gathering. My parents go to all the local nurseries just for fun and some where filed in my mother's head is a fairly accurate picture of all the hostas she has. If she sees one that looks different in her travels, she buys it. You must also understand neither of the resident gardeners give two hoots about the names of things. They don't take notes or save tags. Pretty and being able to thrive up here is all that matters. Getting the name of a cultivar out of them is next to impossible.

Anonymous said...

Chris, when you have time how about a "story" about how the mountain garden came to be. It has been quite a while since you regaled (is that the correct word?) us with a story.
BTW, did you ever finish the Betsy story?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That tile floor is a lot of work. I didn't even imagine that you would have to mud and tape the flooring. It will last forever no doubt. I just love hostas and it is difficult to find hostas that don't look alike after you have several. I find that I am drawn to many with the same look. I just had to stop.

Siria said...

Christopher, After you lay that tile floor and paint those walls, your home will look quite finished! That is exciting!!! I should divide some of my hostas and will be happy to share with you.