Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One File At A Time

The objective was simple really. I wanted to make the computer run faster.

I knew there were way to many pictures stored on here and thought it was time to give up on the little key drives and buy an external hard drive with some major memory.

A little house cleaning couldn't hurt either. Basic computer cleaning and dumping mysterious unused software programs helped immensely. Transferring 16,806 photos took a bit of time, but the operation went smoothly and appeared to be a success. The computer was in a much better mood.

Or so I thought until I went to post a little trip from Newfound Gap to Water Rock Knob. 16,806 pictures were no longer where I had left them. They had already been deleted from the computer. Oh s**t!!

Here pictures. Here pictures. Where are you?

There you are. Why in blue blazes did this new external hard drive up and move you to a new folder in the history department? It was bad enough that you had moved from the computer leaving no forwarding address with Kodak and breaking that connection. I figured out how to reconnect you one file at a time. Now you have moved again and broken the restored connection to Kodak.

I'm not sure what is going on, but I can deal with it later. Instead we will go on an evening stroll through the ridge top garden where the world makes sense and helps keep me calm.

If I can upload the pictures. Now the repetitive Web Acceleration Client Error (504) - Suspected Satellite Link Outage or Hughes satellite internet's version of the dropped call is driving me insane. It takes up to 10 tries to load one picture. At least it is dropping the photos quickly.

Collar does not have to worry about computer problems. There's a thought.

One tile at a time, the floor is going in fairly smoothly. Sadly a few imperfections in the levels between a couple of tiles seemed unavoidable. The worst one will be under the computer desk. How appropriate. It is pretty good for a novice. My grout lines are straight and it fits across the room with no tiles needing to be cut. I will keep at it.

Round about midnight the pictures started loading without all the dropped satellite link outages. That kind of tells me some one was sucking up bandwidth on the newly restored computer and Hughes itself had locked me out.

I however was fading into an outage. The evening stroll can wait until the morning.


Anonymous said...

When my husband tiled our shower, one tile was not quite level. Guess where that tile was---of course, right where you looked straight at it while showering ;)

Siria said...

Oh Christopher ~ computer problems are the worst for me! I moved all my pictures (and I didn't have 16,000+) to an external drive some time ago and it really helped in the performance of the computer. Now I am having problems with that external drive I moved all the pictures to. Make sure you make frequent backups of that external drive!

That ridgetop garden is looking awesome. I hope your weather is allowing you lots of evening strolls through the garden.

Antique ART Garden said...

I want your cat.

Anonymous said...

Gaah;I would have had a heart attack and been dead on the floor if I thought I had lost 16,000 photos!
Glad they are there somewhere. The disadvantages of living in the country - oh, but there are so many advantages..... (: