Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Progress

With warm days and frequent showers, the real season of colorful wildflowers is here. It will last until the cold days of autumn.

All this coming color will make up for five months of somber browns and greys.

And progress is finally being made on the underlayment for a tile floor while I wait for my new 1 x 1 glass tile sample for the shower to arrive.

It takes a lot of screws.

The easy part is almost over. All the intricate cutting and going around pipes is coming up.

But one day there will be a lovely tile floor the same color as my dirt.

And one day my dirt will all be covered in a season long symphony of botanical delights.

I'm lucky to have the borrowed garden next door for relaxing strolls even if it comes with assistant gardener duties.

The assistant gardener can also dig things up and move them pretty much whenever the mood should strike. It's on the list.


Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Your borrowed garden setting is so beautiful. Your own garden will be very soon as well. The cozy cabin is really taking shape! Your floor tiles are perfect.

Les said...

Lucky for you to be able to dig what you like the looks of, rather than graciously accept something offered you don't really like, or purchase something only to find out you don't care for it afterall.

fairegarden said...

I am in love with the dirt colored tile, it is going to be fabulous. Excited about the glass tile sample too, please show it when it arrives. This color in the garden now does ease the boredom of those cold months of brown and grey. Still the effort continues to add some spark to the winter in the way of colorful evergreen foliage. Just planted a Sungold chamae today with that in mind. :-)

Lola said...

All your gardens look fantastic whether borrowed or owned. You are so lucky to have both at your disposal.
The Cozy Cabin is coming along fine. Love that tile.

Rosie said...

Please tell me where you got that Art Nouveau sculpture in the last photo. Is it a reproduction?? I love it!!

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria those floor tiles are already saying, "Paint the walls. Paint the walls."

Les I look forward to the time when digging what I want becomes a priority.

Frances I bought some 'Gold Mop' or something cedar, I really should have written the name down, and planted it in front of the cabin a couple weeks ago. I need that winter interest too. I'm lovin' the tile. Can't wait for it to be done.

Lola it does feel like I am making progress on the cabin now. Maybe it will get done before winter.

Oh Rosie! If only I could be 100% accurate. Yes it is a reproduction. It was purchased long time ago from a catalog and this is the fuzzy part. It was either the Metropolitan Museum of Art or Toscano catalog. I just don't remember and those are my best guesses.

Anonymous said...

i think the sculpture is a Frank Lloyd Wright garden sprite reproduction. They can be found on the internet.