Saturday, June 19, 2010

While I've Been Out

It has been on the warm side. The warmest it has been since .... Apparently last May had the warmest global temperature on record for the month of May.

May was not warm here, trust me, and wandering around at high elevations like I do this new warm of June is lucky to hit 85. Now mind you I have been a bit hot and sticky of late while I wander about. I think my blood has really turned to a slurpee like consistency. The other day I was actually missing the cool.

Warm is good though. It has near magical powers.

The world is transformed.

I must revel in the warm while I can even if it makes things a bit sticky.

While I've been out wandering, Uncle Ernie has been watching over things.

And while I've been out, I swear things just exploded in growth.

The tomatoes and sunflowers have grown a couple feet in less than a week.

The corn is thinking tall corn thoughts.

Hundreds of multicolored daylilies are about to pop.

Beans have poled half way to the top. The melon department is lagging of course, but even they were looking a bit perky.

It would not be wise to turn your back to long on the vegetable garden in the warm.

It is now time to return to work. Major progress should be made on the tile floor this week. Major progress has been made this evening on making a computer run faster. Numerous unused software programs that I have no idea how they got on this computer, I have my suspicions, were removed. An external hard drive is now copying 16,806 photographs that will be deleted from the computer once they are safely stored elsewhere.

Just maybe I will be able to wander the world wide web soon with less aggravation while it tries to get a bit warm and sticky down here in the luxury basement accommodations.


Lola said...

Wow, everything sure has popped. It looks really good. I knew Uncle Ernie would do a good job watching over all.
Is that garlic with the bulbs on top of tall stalks?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your garden looks like it did ok without your daily attentions. It is good not to be gone for too long during the growing season though. The weeds always appreciate your absence. Love all the color and texture in your garden.

Carol said...

That is a good looking vegetable garden!

Anonymous said...

What do you have left to do to finish up the cabin?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola those are leeks that over wintered and I left to bloom.

Lisa the wildflower surround is awesome and mostly of Bulbarella's doing.

Thanks Carol. It makes me happy.

Sallysmom it is still quite a list: tile floors, tile shower, grout, glass block shower wall, paint drywall, mechanical stuff like gas hot water, pressure tank, cabinets, countertops, appliances, furnace, trim, bury electic line, final grading, gardening on the side, ect.