Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You Wait All Year For This

In anticipation.

Will it be what I have been seeing in my minds eye through the browning frosts of fall, the deep white snows of winter and the inaction and stillness of early spring? Finally in mid June a crescendo.

I might be a bit bothered if I thought that this is all there will be. But there is more, plenty more. Blooms will continue until the killing frost. Then the grasses will stand through the winter and I will wait again until next year.

I have waited (worked) three years to get to this point in the construction of the tiny little cozy cabin. Last week marked my third year of living in the low spot on a North Carolina mountain top.

When my thoughts turn to the slow, slow process of building this tiny little cabin from scratch, I remind myself it is til death do us part. There is no urgent need to rush. The tile floor will get done and I will move on to the next thing.

Thousands of daylilies are upon us.

There is no method, just the madness of more. Seeds are collected and germinated just to see what they will produce. Division produces far quicker multiplication with daylilies. Collecting seed from them is the madness.

There is anticipation too in watching the feel of the cabin change as the floor changes color. Does it have that all important flow with the cherry stained wood? Do I really want a yellow/orange toned paint for the walls? It is hard for me to imagine the right color.

Ditch lilies, daylilies, red lilies, yellow lilies. I think I even saw a brown striped lily.

My kind neighbor offered to bring his big lawn tractor over and mow down my driveway when they were here a few weeks ago.

Uhm no. I don't think so. You have enough to mow over at your place.


Meredehuit ♥ said...

I wouldn't mow either.

Cyndy said...

Just the madness of more - excellent! That's a great driveway.

Anonymous said...

What?!! He wanted to mow down your flowers? I love these kind "offers", as in "why do you have all those weeds", ha!
As for the cabin, I love the floor/ceiling combo, but now I am with you - would walls in the same hue be too much? I almost like the white, or maybe a very pale yellow...but you unerring color sense will serve you well in the end.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wouldn't you just faint if someone "helped" you by mowing your drive. Ha... You never know what people are thinking. Your cozy cabin is coming right along. I like the tile floor. The dayliles are blooming up a storm here too.

Gail said...

Did you laugh out loud when he offered! The driveway looks stunning! Christopher, your cozy cabin looks wonderful~Picking out colors has never been easy for me. I appreciate that more paint stores offer samples at reasonable prices.

phrago said...

Your cabin is really starting to look great inside. I like warm orange and mustard colors, but I look at the photo showing the ceiling wood details and the light causing the slightest cast of blue in the walls. Maybe that would be too cool a color for you but a light haint blue might be a consideration. Your drive is awesome...

Christopher C. NC said...

Meredehuit the only thing I mow is the grass in front of the split rail fence along the road and I do that with hedge clippers.

Cyndy there is a lot of the madness of more on this mountain.

Bev that was my thought. The same hue may be too bland. The white is a choice ... but there are already smudge marks even a bit of blood on it and I do want color. That is what I told my kind neighbor, no you will mow down my flowers.

Lisa last year he did mow my drive without asking. When I told him no he said glad I asked.

Gail I told him he would mow my flowers down and I did not want that and with his miles of roads across the street he had enough to keep himself busy. His wife always remarks about how much she appreciates our flowers.

Patrick blue actually came to mind yesterday as I was cleaning up after tiling. I think it is worth looking at. Or red.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! I can't imagine him wanting to mow all those gorgeous flowers, although when I got to my place this last time the man that mows my yard had mowed down a bunch of ditch lilies that I had growing in the back yard. Needless to say I was not very happy with him, but I have a feeling he had sent his son to mow. He knows not to do it next time, I just hope they come back. I just LOVE the pictures of the sea of daisies and day lilies with your cabin in the background! As for the paint color, that is always so hard to pick for me. I do like the white/ivory color now on the walls with the ceiling and floor tile color. The little samples of color do help so you don't have to invest in lots of paint before making your decision. Also, if you decide on a lighter color in the main cabin, you can go with more vibrant color in the bathroom. (Your title reminded me of a child's anticipation of Christmas.) :)

Pam/Digging said...

Three years on the mountaintop already? Where does the time go, Christopher?

Anonymous said...

If the colors on this computer are true, I see a touch of gold in your ceiling, window trim and flooring. Maybe a light yellow, tan, golden paint for the walls would tie it all together? Warm and rich, then add pop with furniture and accessories. I definitely watch too much HGTV. Robin

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria no need to worry. Your ditch lilies will be fine.

Pam it is a little hard to believe it has been three years already. You must be on your second full year at your new house and garden.

Robin that is exactly the thought process leading to a golden yellow color for the walls as a starting point of looking and I don't watch HGTV. The theory these days is the room should be a back drop for your objects. I have plenty of art for the walls. Too much for the cabin actually. My objects are another matter. No furniture, few objects and a strong predilection to avoid acquiring a ton of stuff. There are no closets and no storage at all at this point.

I'll need a shed.

Anonymous said...

Yipes! Even a man needs closets. (:


phrago said...

Chris, My old cottage doesn't have a closet in any room either. The trouble with a gold tone wall paint is that it will change when you put things in the room. And it always looks dirty after a while, to me anyway. Plus, a little contrast from the wood tones and tile will add another dimention. The sky pictures that you often post are full of beautiful color tones, Reds and Blues. Perhaps that would be a place to look for inspiration. One thing to consider: a strong dark red on the walls can seem to pull the light right out of the air, and make the room dark. just a thought... Patrick

Lola said...

I can't believe he wanted to mow your flowers down. They are gorgeous.
I have no clue as to the color for the walls. I'm the worlds worst with such things.

chuck b. said...

Three years--wow. I've known you longer in outside Clyde than I knew you in the tropics. I can't believe how the time goes. You're still waaay ahead of my neighbor three doors down who's got a whole crew working on his house.