Monday, June 7, 2010

One More Process

Completed. The backerboard for the tile floor is all down and screwed in. I think I am tired. Next all the joints need to be mudded and taped.

This is the water department in the bathroom. Water from the well enters here then goes through a filter into a pressure tank. A tankless gas hot water heater will be mounted on the wall above the pressure tank. From here the water will be sent out to all the other locations. The whole thing will have a closet built around it. If I am lucky there will be enough room left over for a shelf for stuff. This will involve many processes.

I get tired just thinking about it.

It is looking more and more like a home now. I could put a cot in there and take a nap, maybe even spend the night, camp out style.

The outside hasn't changed much at all since winter set in last year. The last time you saw it, it was covered in snow no doubt. Now it has a green backdrop. Since it has warmed up this wall really could be painted. That is a relatively easy process.

I met a new neighbor at the gas station last week and he thought the cozy cabin was already done and I was living in it. Sigh. I wonder if my siblings and in-laws have a pool going on the completion date?

There are quite a number of processes that must occur before my home is completed. Like the building permit will need to be renewed because it expires again this month. A building permit only lasts a year. How odd is that?

Even when I am tired, stopping to look at the flowers gives me hope. They just keep plugging away at life. I can do that.

Down a driveway lined right now by tall green grass and wild white daisies a little cabin inches closer to completion.

A garden gathers form around it.

Appropriate in its wildness, yet bold enough to make even the most weary passing heart take notice. Now if I could just train those passing hearts to not let loose of their big gulp beverage containers as they pass by.

There is a process ahead in every direction no matter which path I take first.

I will choose that path tomorrow.

After coffee.


Lola said...

Another job done. Each job finished is that closer to habitation. Soon you will only have the garden to thing about.
Sounds like the soul needs rejuvenation. Just a tad. Many paths to follow to observe the lush plantings. Have that joe & enjoy.
You could put a sign up "Please take your litter with you". lol

Lola said...

I need to learn to spell. "thing" should be "think".

chuck b. said...

It must be hard to build when there is so much frolicking to do.

Anonymous said...

All of life is nothing but a process, Christopher. There is always hope, no matter how weary you are feeling just now. Thank goodness for the sustenance from the garden already and the thought of the gardens to be. Houses always look finished from the outside when there is tons to do inside to make it a home. Keep chipping away at the to do list. What you have accomplished already is truly amazing. {{{U}}} a big hug. :-)

Anonymous said...

All those screws have gotten to you. (: Building a house 97% by yourself is no easy task, but you are over the hump by now and sliding down the hill! Just take at least one "my garden day" every week for a rest!


Randy Emmitt said...


Your building permit in NC expires one year AFTER the last inspection if I recall correctly so you have more time than you think. Everything is looking great there!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you do need to "camp out" one night. You need some renewal time I think.

Antique ART Garden said...

I think I'm a lost follower as I have not got a clue why you are even in NC, from Hawaii, or why you are doing this yourself, or why I keep seeing your rock identity frolicking in your yard. Zen for the garden ? Guess I am late on the uptake here.
Stop workings so hard for a few days, go in town to a movie or something different, a art museum maybe ? chin up and hammer down, Gina

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! What you have accomplished in building your cabin, your home, single handedly is absolutely incredible! You have done a fantastic job and very soon you will look back and see the totally completed project. It has been so much fun watching this process evolve and I hope you will have an Open House party when you finish because I want to come! :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hang in there Christopher. You will get the cozy cabin finished. You have lots more patience than I do though. I would probably be getting obsessive about finishing it about now so you can sit on the porch and watch the wildflowers grow. A camp out sounds like fun.