Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Need Bold

The riot of color out by the roadside has not blinded me yet. Its exhuberance is cheerful and pleasing.

I want that boldness inside, then I balk. Oh what color should it be. The colorist sent me the yellows today, claiming they were all tinted orange. I see yellow. They were pastel, bland and lifeless. They did not move me.

The tile floor is getting there. I will have to cut the first tiles tomorrow. There is still plenty of time to chose a bold color. There is grout to do, a shower to do, a garden blogger Buffa10 coming up soon.

Perhaps I will be color inspired in Buffalo.

Blue this deep is bold, but I have major trouble imagining looking at deep blue walls.

I have bold red already and I have trouble imagining staring a blood red walls.

My original thought long time ago was a terra cotta-ey orange. That may be where I need to return and let go of the concern that the inside of the cabin is getting too dark.

We'll see.


Siria said...

Hi Christopher! I find yellow a very difficult color to choose. Once you choose a color, try just painting one wall and see how you feel about it before painting the entire cabin. Can't wait to see what you choose. I know it will look great!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Since you have a shotgun style of cabin maybe you should not paint it all one color. Choose your color and do the deep color at the back and use say two hues lighter toward the front as your cabin is divided. Anyway that is how I see it. Blues would be perfect for such a look. Don't go too orangy. You have a lot of orange there already. Of course cameras don't always tell the truth about color.
If you don't want bold on your walls. You can always add bold with your art, fabrics etc. Have a neutral on the walls then big splashes of color in your pillows, art, chairs, curtains etc. Anything you do to the walls will feel extreme after having those white walls for so long. Be brave. Paint is cheap to change.

Antique ART Garden said...

I would definitely paint it all one color, not bold but a soft pale yellow o r a soft mauve or tan. One color of paint everywhere always makes your home seem larger with the continuation of color with no breaking up. If you happen to have some bold artwork, that can be your ' bold ' with your wall color being your backdrop. I have had my walls a soft yellow for years as I like ' lightness ' inside. Gina

Kitty Cunningham said...

I have several thoughts. And free advice is worth what you paid for it. :-)

Bold colors inside invariably make the rooms appear smaller. And yellow is a tricky color to use. (This IS the voice of experience.)

Once, when I said to my cousin that a yellow I'd used was much brighter than the paint chip had looked, he said that if you won't like the color of yellow that is 2 steps up or down the chip, you are using the wrong color. When I moved into my house, I kept that in mind with all the colors as I painted the whole inside.

I have used light sage in most of the house and used bold accents in furniture and decorations, frequently red. I have had the idea that the inside of the house reflects (echoes?) the garden that is outside.

Siria said...

Christopher ~ I remembered something you might want to try. You can find it online in the Benjamin Moore site. I used it a long time ago and I just went to the site to see if they still had it. It's called Personal Color Viewer and allows you to either use one of their pictures or to upload the picture of your room and then you can play with their color samples to see what it will look like in different colors. You can even add trim color and make different walls different colors if you choose. You download the software to your computer which is free. I agree with Lisa. paint is cheap, but this way you can get an idea of what colors (or lack of boldness) will do to the look of the room.

Anonymous said...

Chris, right now before putting cabinets in is probably a good time to paint. However, it may be good to get them in and finish the trim and then decide on paint colors. The cabinets will make a difference I think. And as someone mentioned on another post, you can buy those little containers of sample paint and try them out to see if you like it.

Lola said...

The flowers are pretty & the tile is coming along.
As for the walls, I would paint the wall that you see when you enter the front door & see how it affects you.
Paint is cheap.

fairegarden said...

More free advice: Neutral will give you more freedom with art, fabric, etc. Urban putty, or something similar makes everything look better. I would be very careful about too dark. Our addition has the natural wood ceiling, you saw it yourself, and is painted a buttery golden light yellow. I hate it. Should have continued with the urban putty of the rest of the house and will someday repaint it just that. Looking forward to seeing you in Buffa!