Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sample Number Two

I pull weeds as I wander by. Sometimes I get involved, stepping well off the path into the Lush. My main target of late is the Virgin's Bower, Clematis virginiana. It climbs up and tries to smother everything. Hate it. Sadly it has roots like steel cables. All I may really be doing is pruning it.

Luckily when I stepped into the Lush I did not step on this box turtle laying eggs. Was it you who ate my strawberries? Cuteness wins you complete freedom to go about your business.

The rest of the seams in the backerboard for the tile floor where taped and mudded today. Tiles will be laid out tomorrow to see how it is going to work and to see how any adjustments need to be made to hide any misalignment caused by a cabin that is about 3/4 of an inch out of square. My cabin is slightly askew, but then so am I.

Sample number 2 of the decorative 1 x 1 glass tile arrived today. Two more samples should arrive tomorrow. A decision on the shower tiles is hopefully imminent. It is much more better,

Than sample number 1.

I have to place the new samples by the original choice that can no longer be had to help get over the loss. A new 1 x 1 glass tile could be even better than the first choice. Sample number 2 works fine with the hospital white and the floor tile. It has a whole different vibe. It is more tropical, more playful. I kind of like it. I must wait though for samples 3 and 4.

A box turtle lays eggs,

While I prepare to lay tiles.


Siria said...

You are so good with words!

I love the new glass tile sample! I look forward to seeing the next two samples, but this one is really beautiful and if I remember correctly, you said the glass sink has a (greenish) tint or hue, so they will work well with the sink too.

It is interesting that I have seen a turtle laying eggs in my yard in the past, but I have never seen any turtles since then. Do you see many on your property?

Kitty Cunningham said...

Yep. Like the new one better than either of the last 2.

Christopher C. NC said...

Thanks Siria. I do enjoy playing with words. I usually see box turtles a couple of times a year in the early summer. First time I have seen one laying eggs. The glass sink can be seen here. It has a cool zoom in photo for a closer look.

Kitty sample number 2 is really growing on me. I like the new vibe.

Lola said...

Very eloquent language indeed. I too am anxious to know if you finished the story you started. You should write a book. I love to read how you put things together.
I've never witnessed a turtle laying eggs. We did have one that followed the fence but don't know what happened to it.
I will hold my comment on the tile till I see the others. But I like this last one. Love that sink.

chuck b. said...

Is that haint blue in the tile? Nice continuity...

phrago said...

Chris, I like the new tile. That said, it really is a departure from the base white tile that will be the predominant surface, and lend an industrial look to the bathroom. The other decorative tile does work better with the white, having simular surface density and color saturation. The glass tile will visually contrast more, the solid colored tiles will meld. Personnally, I like the glass tiles used as a total surface rather than an accent, which causes the whole wall to look wet. I think the difference in quality of the materials will be jarring, and eventually you will be unhappy with them. Your choice, this is just my opinion...

Anonymous said...

Phrago has a point but I wonder how $$ enters in here. I DO like sample #2 very much; 3 and 4 will have to be spectacular to win! And you're right; how can they call that sink white?


Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I was thinking I would finish Betsy's story during some horrible spell of winter and never did. Maybe this winter.

Why yes Chuck I think that would be a haint blue in the tile that has vanished from the internet tile buying sites.

Patrick an industrial look in my bathroom just might be appropriate considering the filth that sticks to me. I hear what you are saying, but it is the white, blue/green, tan melding tile that is no longer to be found anywhere. The shower wall will be glass block and the sink, a one piece glass vanity top and sink. So the 1 x 1 decorative glass tile in the hospital white field tile will have companions in the room and not be as jarring as a single element.

Bev let's just say Phrago has million dollar tastes, a shower of all that 1 x 1 glass tile would be way expensive.