Thursday, January 27, 2011

Before It Melted

The frozen fog parted. The sun came out. The white frosted world doesn't last long in the sun so I went for a short walk before heading down to the cabin.

Something else had gone for a stroll through the ridge top garden before me. I'm getting pretty good at identifying tracks in the snow. There is a cat out there. I don't think it's wild kitty. He hasn't come by for a snack. Maybe it is a new kitty or it could be Bob kitty. The Spots certainly took deep a sniffing note of an unseen visitor.

It may snow just a little again in the night. At least there was a good melting rain before this snow and it was only a bit over two inches. The snow pack isn't growing, thank you.

The dishwasher is all connected and I have moved on to putting a hole in the wall for the range hood. There is a possibility for weathers good enough on Saturday that I just might be able to get this venting process accomplished. Reading the directions I discovered there is an actual specific purpose for duct tape. Who knew?

Winter is ebbing a bit. It snowed and proceeded to melt right away. The melt was lacking in enthusiasm however. It is still going to take some time before the bare earth shows itself again.

But I still have plenty of processes to go to get to a completed kitchen. I guess it's ok.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

That fog stuck to the trees on your mountain. Sure makes for pretty pictures.

Lola said...

Sure glad you got to take a stroll.
Sure hope whatever was making tracks in the snow is being protected from the elements.
That duct tape seems to be used for anything. Good stuff.
When do you expect the hood back? You will be ready for it.
Warmth improves mobility. The days are getting longer. Spring is on it's way. In the meantime take care, stay warm.

Anonymous said...

The pic of the byway is just gorgeous!

Rich Rennicks said...

Hi Christopher,

I must say I love your blog. I've been quietly following for months--I stumbled upon you last year when I was trying to find garden bloggers in the same eco-zone (Asheville).

You've inspired me to focus more on my gardening (and photographs) on my own blog:

The cabin is looking great, and I love all the pictures.


Siria said...

Breath taking photographs! Love the one of the scenic byway. Praying for warmer weather!!!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa the fog up here sticks to the trees a lot.

Lola I went and bought a new stove hood last week. Just got one off the shelf. Yes the days are getting longer which is nice.

Sallsmom that scene was looking fetching in the white frosting.

Hi Rich always nice to hear from a local. Thanks for the kind words. If you want to be inspired be sure to go on the next West Asheville Garden Stroll. There is tons of inspiration in the gardeners of Asheville.

Siria this weekend may actually be in the 50's Woot!