Monday, January 24, 2011

Looking For Spring

It was sunny and warmish enough for the concrete solid snow pack to get mushy. Just maybe I could find some green shoots trying to break through.

I walked from one end to the other looking.

All I was saw was a lot of evidence of the critters I hardly ever see. I see deer tracks more than I see deer. I saw no evidence of spring, not a bit of bulb foliage to be found.

The timid snow leopard ventured out to where the wild things linger with his body guard close by.

I'll have to try and look for spring again next week.


Randy Emmitt said...


Not to far now! Did you see the crocus I found on Saturday? Dwarf irises are coming up too.

Lola said...

It is coming.
Snow bells, some buttercups poking their heads up. Do need to prune a limb from my apple tree. I sure hope it & the peach do something this yr. 1 peach was on the little tree last yr when I got it. I did let it do it's thing before I put it in the ground. A gift from my brother.
Supposed to get to 32 by Sat.
Weird weather this yr.
Take care, stay warm.

chuck b. said...

Some digging creature has discovered that I keep bulbs in pots and is busy every night rooting through them looking for whatever they can find. They seem to know not to bother with the pots of daffodil bulbs, but there will be no crocus, lilies, or tulips for me this spring.

Anonymous said...

Christopher (commenting on the last 2 posts together):
I have very much enjoyed watching the cozy cabin rise from the earth, but I look forward even more to watching you garden this spring and following! Those stone walls look more lovely every time you photograph them, especially with the snow and red pillars for contrast. What will you come up with next??!! 'tis an excitement.


Christopher C. NC said...

Randy I see you have Helleborus blooms too. I don't even have a Helleborus leaf.

Lola it will get here eventually. Maybe I'll get back to that apple tree here. That split locust caught in a tree above is in no hurry to fall on it.

Chuck sounds like squirrels.

Bev I so look forward to real gardening time in the years to come too. Objects seem to be arriving for placement in the gardens to be and I still have a major stone sculpture to make with the boulders in the bottom crease.