Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mutiple Processes

A range hood is a very simple piece of equipment, a small fan and a couple of light bulbs. Installing a vented range hood is no simple matter though. It involves multiple processes. It needs to exhaust the carbon monoxide generated from cooking with a gas range.

The hard part is getting through the wall with a hole precisely the size needed, no bigger. I don't want any blizzard force winds leaking through. Cutting through the drywall and insulation is easy. The outer wall's plywood and cement fiber board siding is another matter. You need a wood blade to cut through the plywood and a cement board blade to cut through the cement board. The wood blade does not want to cut cement and the cement blade does not want to cut wood. It took four blades to get through the outer wall because the cement board wears down the wood blade's teeth very quickly.

Now put the vent hood's exit location a floor and a half above the ground outside. Then the actual duct work is comprised of three parts all needing to connect and line up precisely. Up and down the ladder. In and out of the cabin. Up and down. In and out. Thank goodness it was over fifty degrees, sunny and calm, a lovely day for putting a hole through the wall.

The range hood is complete. The only appliance left for hookup now is the gas dryer. It needs a round vented hole through the wall. I have the vent. It also needs an LP conversion kit and a top sheet kit for under counter installation. Those accessories have been ordered.

After that is done the gas company can be called to hook everything up to the gas lines.

I found these under cabinet lights that match the thermoplastic back splash panel's color. They are sleek and clean lined. The only thing you will see of them is the thin front strip of the casing. I am hoping once installed they will look just fine and I can forget about the molding under the cabinets to hide them. I want to eliminate a whole set of processes.

The matching molding I ordered with the cabinets went for a ride to Hendersonville and never found their way to me. I was going to have to make my own molding. Hopefully I can forget about it.

A glass shelf was installed in the bathroom for the electric toothbrush - to keep it off the sink top. Great concern was also expressed in certain quarters about the pressing social need for a place for a clean hand towel for guests. It can go on the shelf now when company is expected. I hate those hand towel rings. They remind me of nefarious techniques used to illicit information from unwilling guests.

The cozy cabin is really close to completion. The counter tops have been ordered. I could go get the kitchen sink, faucets, garbage disposal and plumbing connections now. The weathers may be improving enough to get the exterior lighting installed. Soon I can go pay the building inspector man another 50 dollars - my permit expired again - and call for a final inspection. Soon.


Lola said...

You have been busy. It all looks wonderful.
Glad it was a nice day for you.
Gold Head Branch Park was a nice outing today. Old cars, old machines from bygone days. Cannons fired, long ago military ways. Think you would have enjoyed.
Take care, stay warm.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! This is a great end to the month - good weather and progress on the cozy cabin. It is looking great!I can't believe all you have done. You are amazing!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola even though Gold Head Branch is such a familiar name I don't think I have ever been there. I'm sure it was a nice outing.

It is a great end to the month Siria. Appliances delivered and near completion.

Anonymous said...

Wow, everything looks fabulous! I hadn't noticed before how well your cabinet door handles match the back splash. Of course you planned it that way.
One question; I assume you are going to have a CO monitor? Can't believe you did such a good job cutting that hole for an 'amateur' (don't think that moniker applies to you any longer....)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It sure is looking homey. I bet you can't wait to move in. I like the moose in the window too.

Mey said...

Dear Chris,
Is there a way to contact you by email?