Monday, January 31, 2011

No AvoidingThe Processes

The bulbs have to be chilled for x number of hours below a set temperature in order to set flower buds and to bloom. How did this regimen ever become a survival strategy I wonder? But such is the case and it can't be avoided.

I thought I could live with looking at the sort of matching under cabinets lights. I could, but I don't want to and while installing the first two I realized I definitely don't want to look at the connecting wires. That is if they came with quick connect cords long enough to actually connect them. There was only one choice of length in the box for the quick connect cords no matter the size of the light, thirteen inches. It certainly isn't long enough when the cabinet bottoms are not the same height. It's not even long enough when a single eight inch light fixture is placed in the center below adjoining cabinets.

I looked on the shelf at Lowes for longer connect cords and did not see them. I called the help line in the install info and was kept on hold until my patience ran out. I looked online at the manufacturers site and yes they do have longer connect cords, but I could not buy them there. They don't show up on Lowes website at all. Now I must press an associate in person to find me some longer connect cords. This is America, consumption capital of the world. All the options should be on the shelf.

What can't be avoided though is the process of making under cabinet molding to hide the light and wires, at least over the sink. On all the other longer cabinets you can't see them. I'm still hoping I can avoid making bottom molding for all cabinets. I don't get high marks for my fine carpentry skills. You can see that in my stained oak plywood cover on the cabinet side on the left. That was to bring the very light colored exposed side more in line with the door face's color. Eh, bottom molding will help hide that too.

I think the bulbs have been chilled enough. It's time to get moving on to the next phase of the process.

I went looking once most of the snow had left the ridge top garden. There is very little activity in the bulb department.

I guess some show of warmth is the next step in the process. There's always another step in the processes.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have more poking out of the ground than there is here. Only one or two little crocus leaves sprouting here and they are right beside the house in a very sheltered area. Your cabinets look fine. When you get all installed and your "stuff" in there no one will notice all the little things that drive you crazy.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Lots of green coming up. The cabinets look great too. I love your backsplash!

Lola said...

All is looking great.