Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter Begins To Crumble

At least one can hope.

The sun makes it over the top of Sandy Mush Bald a little earlier in the morning. The sun still sets behind Hebo mountain across the scenic byway, but it sets later. That's progress. The snow pack is shrinking, if ever so slowly. I am seeing the tops of baby shrubberies again. There is even potential for some real melting in the next few days.

All this winter weathers is taking a toll though. The last two winters have been harsh and the scenic byway is literally crumbling to pieces. The last mile to the top on the steepest, curviest, north face of Hebo mountain is in terrible shape. The edges of the road are sinking in great chunks in numerous places. Giant cracks zig zag across the surface. In one place there is even a spring that bubbles up through the road when the water is not frozen. The byways use as a detour while I-40 was closed for six months did not help. I dread the repaving work that must be done before the scenic byway is no more.

But what can you do? The spinning circle of life is one of constant decay and rebirth.

The brilliant colors of sunsets are moving back in to view.

Winter is beginning to crumble.


Lola said...

Slowly as the days lengthen the brighter side appears. The harshness will dwindle.
The Scenic Byway is in poor condition, I agree. Is it in the immediate future for restoration?
Most beautiful sunsets. Sunrises are the same. A new day for new finds.
Take care & stay warm.

Anonymous said...

I missed the winter doldrums posts but clearly your other readers did a good job lifting you out of them! Having just gone through 3 days without power I have new appreciation for the little things in life, like being warm. And yes, the days are getting longer and the sun is setting more and more to the north. The back of winter is breaking!
Forge onward with your new home!