Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Notion Of A Kitchen

The appliances arrived while I was reading the not so clear instructions for installing the ceiling fan. Except for the microwave that just plugs in, thank you, some to a lot of assembly is required for each appliance.

Two of them, the dryer and vent hood over the stove, require holes through the wall for exhaust. Sadly the stove vent hood must be returned. It exhausts through the top and I need it to mount under the cabinet and exhaust through the rear. Could have sworn that's what I ordered.

The counter top on the stove side will cover the drawer base and the dryer. The top of the dryer needs to be removed for that. You can't order it that way. I asked. It is an option of assembly. I am also going to put counter top on the cabinet sitting on the floor under the window and on the other side of the stove that you can see in the picture above.

The refrigerator was a tight tight fit. I had to remove the baseboard on the short side wall and the 1/4 inch thick stained oak plywood I glued to the side of the cabinet next to the refrigerator to make it fit.

The dishwasher was a tight squeeze too, but I can move the sink base over to give it more room. The washing machine has plenty of room to spare. It's a tiny thing. I am actually contemplating taking all the cabinets down and moving them all over by an inch, inch and a half, to give the refrigerator a bit more breathing room.

The counter top on the refrigerator side will cover the washer and go right up to the refrigerator.

All those instruction manuals. All the final assembly and connections to water lines and drain lines and gas lines. Holes cut through walls. My head was spinning just a bit. I've never done this before. How do I install a counter top? Do I need an end piece between the dishwasher and refrigerator to help support the counter top and keep the dishwasher's hot away from the refrigerator's cold?

It's a bit over whelming.
Just breathe.

You haven't done any of this before. Read the directions. You can get it done one appliance at a time. The cabinets can be moved. It's no big deal. Some adjustments need to be made.

I did get the last of the trim in the mini loft done at least. Now how am I going to make book shelves for a library in such an odd space? I'll think about that later.

Tomorrow I can hang the ceiling fan while I contemplate the notion of a kitchen. No need to rush in to things.


Randy Emmitt said...


I would cut some 3/4 inch plywood to install the countertop, a 4 inch triangle in each corner of the cabinets tops will work. Suprized the corners are not on your cabinets. Once installed

I use 1 1/4 drywall screws into the center of the plywood triangle. Get the European roll formed tops, the outer edge rolls inward and the steam from the dishwasher will not swell it.

Christopher C. NC said...

Thanks for the tips Randy. Cheap cabinets! I take it the screws go in from underneath.

Helen Yoest @ Gardening With Confidence said...

It will be nice to see in person when we are there for 2012 fling!

Lola said...

Looking good. It does take time. Instructions & manuals are helpful. Your patience will pay off. You can do it.

Christopher C. NC said...

Helen by then it won't be shiny and new anymore. It might even be due for a cleaning. Now I was thinking tea or moonshine for the festivities?

Lola I think I am getting a little weary here towards the finish. I just need to relax and keep methodically plugging away.

Siria said...

Yes ~ you can do it Christopher, just like you've done everything that has come before the appliances! It is looking gorgeous!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

IN this day and age you don't have to worry too much about the hot and cold of appliances. They are all so well insulated that they don't make an impact on the abutting appliance. As to your counter tops, don't run a screw through the top. It is so disappointing to do that. Top has to be recovered and you would probably have to recover from a heart attack. Do not glue down your countertop. You will be sorrry in the future if you have to remove it for some reason and you have to tear up your cabinets getting it out. You have done so well with your installations. I have great faith in you that all will come together. This is the easy part.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

P.S. You could put L brackets on your cabinets to attach the top too.

Anonymous said...

Such are the benefits of crowdsourcing from such a knowledgeable crowd! I know nothing and can but admire how fast (yes, fast), this is all coming together! Where you see lots left to do, I see a home!