Thursday, January 31, 2013

65 to 22 in Less Than 24

The deluge turned to snow. Warmth turned frigid. Things changed in the night with the thunderous winds that careened around the cozy cabin and screeched as they tried to come in my window that doesn't close tight.

There was only half an inch of snow on the ground. Much more must have fallen before it was cold enough to stick. It had rained all day at well over 60 degrees before the change.

I went to town to pick up my special order bifold closet doors and look for a bean bag chair. No luck finding a bean bag chair in the right color. I got home and opened my closet doors to find they were swinging louver kitchen doors not bifold closet doors and back to town I went to return the doors and try again. Aargh!

The full sun sections had melted by the time I got back, even with the meager 30's we achieved. More crocus encouraged by two days in the mid 60's have poked through the wood chip mulch.

The cold is back. The crocus will have to wait.

More snow is said to be on the way tonight. One to four inches perhaps. The snowdrops keep growing, but they too will have to wait for a proper sunny and warmish day to fully open.

This scene will be repeated through Sunday. I will have to review my list of winter projects and see what can be squeezed in between snow showers. I was looking forward to finishing my clothes closet. That will have to wait for a second more expensive special order to arrive.

These rapid changes in circumstance can really test one's adaptability.

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