Saturday, January 12, 2013

Starting The Hard Part

The blue lattice was sort of finished. I ran out of paint before I could give part of it a thorough coat and will have to buy more. It was too early, too warm and too sunny to stop painting. There was no reason I could think of to put off the long process of painting the service entrance railings and balusters. I can do it one section at a time and it will get done.

Bit by bit the porches are finally getting done. The cozy cabin is becoming a complete unit, instead of a tiny house with appendages.

It is a complete accident of course, serendipity if you will, the baby shrubberies at the bottom of the stairs should flow with the paint job. The new growth and winter red of Obsession™ nandina and the deep blue berries of Soft Caress™ mahonia, should it decide to have berries, will match the paint quite well. The mahonia is rated only to zone 7 however. I'm pushing its cold tolerance, or some winters I may be. Certainly not this winter. We are still stuck in a zone 8b winter at this point.

I will be forced to get some more nandina. I can't have just one. Hopefully Lowes will get some just to let them dry and I can buy them cheap. Gardy don't pay ™ prices.

Progress. It may take me more than a few weeks to finish these stairs. Time and weathers have to cooperate.

My little pride gathers. What will I do with them when it is time to color stain the decks and steps? That is a process for another day.


Sallysmom said...

Staining might need to wait until your mom returns and she can cat sit.

Christopher C. NC said...

That's what I was thinking Sallysmom.

Lola said...

Sure can't have kitty tracks. Can't let one go while the other dries. Paint looks so good.

Cindy, MCOK said...

Oh, I don't know, I think a few kitty tracks would give it a certain charm ... ;-)