Monday, January 28, 2013

The Bamboo Was Not Crushed

I was a little surprised when I got home today to see that all of the snow had melted. We are having some warm before winter returns.

I worry about the bamboo when it gets buried in snow. I am afraid the canes will get broken. It happened once. That was in a late spring snow. The heavy snow broke a bunch of the new shoots that had come up a tad early. The older canes seem to handle the snow fine. I should stop worrying.

The bamboo is a major element of the planned and mostly planted undulating evergreen screening that will protect me from the gawkers passing by on the scenic byway. I wait patiently for it to attain its ten foot suggested height. It will help hide that culvert too.

Much further into the garden and away from the road is the start of a small grove of evergreen trees. My evergreen screening undulates significantly. I most definitely did not want the solid wall of a hedge. This particular view looking in will disappear one day. The idea behind the undulation is that short glimpses in and out will still be possible.

The growing evergreens will also begin to separate the garden into sections. You will be forced to go for a walk to see the whole thing. Right now I can pretty much see it all from the front porch.

The daffodils weren't crushed. They are actually much further along than I would have expected in my snowy half of the wild cultivated gardens.

The bamboos at the other end of the garden on the slope below the scenic byway are only half the size of the others. This one was planted at the same time. The main difference is the amount of sun. The smaller bamboos are in a lot more shade.

Grow! Faster!

I'll just have to be patient. At least they are alive, healthy and growing and didn't get crushed by the snow.


Lola said...

It's good the Bamboo was not crushed. It will grow faster than you think.

Emily N. Khan said...

Hi...I'm a new reader...spending time poking around in your archives. I've enjoyed following your progress in making both home and garden. Thank you for posting!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I have been waiting three years. It better leap this year.

Hi Emily. Enjoy. The archives are full of floral abundance.

Lola said...

That 3rd yr. is supposed to be the winner.