Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I See Bulbs

Three days and counting of warm springs rains have set the bulbs in motion. It has also set some roads in motion. The main one being 441 in the Smoky Mountain National Park. A 300 foot section of it is gone. You can't get to the top at Newfound Gap from the NC side anymore. It makes me worry about the scenic byway.

I'll try to think about daffodils in the spring instead.

And yes I vaguely recall planting some crocus in the bed by the front steps. I thought it would be nice to have some very early blooms to greet me as I come and go while waiting for spring to really kick in.

The snowdrops will always be here first. The snowdrops next door are even sooner. It only takes the slightest twist in the direction a mountain faces to make a difference in when things arrive. I face a little more north and am in a bit more of a shadow than the ridge top garden next door.

They say the rain will end soon. Then it will turn to 4 to 8 inches of snow with a low of 17 degrees. Water logged soils are about to freeze. Say a little prayer for the mountain roads.

I'm not sure these helleborus buds that sprouted in the warm spring rains will take too kindly to 17 degrees unless they have a nice snowy covering. Say a little prayer for some mountain snows.

We are headed back to winter and frankly I'd be happy for it to stay that way for the next month. These wild fluctuations only cause havoc.


Dianne said...

The latest forecast I saw on was 6-16 inches for us. I figured I would get 6 maybe, and you would get 16. So far, all our roads over here are holding up. It has started raining again. This morning, we had 4.1 inches since Sunday. Good luck and may our blooms make it through.

Lola said...

Do hope all will be ok. Have thought about the scenic byway since I heard about the washout. Do be careful. Stay warm.