Friday, January 25, 2013

A Most Dreary Day

It was cold and grey. Low dark clouds rolled over head. The threat of an ice storm permeated the chilled air as rain dropped at 26 degrees. But the ice never showed. By the time the rains did come it had warmed enough, a whopping 36, to remain rain. My big adventure for the day was walking to the top of the driveway to fetch the mail.

Half the day was spent fitfully napping next to two cats who refused to go outside. They slept all day and will be up all night, bouncing around the house.

I did nothing on a dreary day. Looked at the snow outside.


Dianne said...

Not Fair! I have the ice. So slick, you could not walk without slipping. I had to get out to feed animals is how I know. But tomorrow, it should be gone. I opened and closed doors all day for dogs to go out, and in, and out again.

Lola said...

That kind of day makes for napping----long hrs.

Christopher C. NC said...

What can I say Dianne, hot air rises. No ice for me.

Lola does 3 hours count as a nap?

Dianne said...

Looks like we finally found winter, though we will have spring the first of next week, then back to winter at the end. I have seen snow back in the forecast for next week, but who knows in these mountains.

Lola said...

I'd say 3 hrs. could count. Mine sometimes last longer.