Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Mini-Loft Library

Behold, the mini-loft library. It is exactly how I imagined it. Thank goodness the Minion was able to rotate my failing design by 90 degrees to bring my vision to life.

I have more books than shelves I built for them. I have even more books on other shelves in other rooms. This will do for now. I have other winter projects I need to tend to. A big one being adding another layer of screening over the the perfect bat house size indentations in the roof vents under the eaves before the bats return from their winter hibernation.

In case you wonder how I get up there, the loft ladder I bought unhooks and can be moved over to the mini-loft. I was planning ahead.

It was painting weather today and I finished off the blue lattice in the basement patio. I'll have time to decide what colors to paint the underside of the decks. The tops need to be stain painted first. No sense in dripping paint from above and having to go over the bottoms a second time.

Then I painted the main beam of the service entrance porch the Waterloo blue.

But the mini-loft library was still on my mind. I went to town today and bought what I needed for my horizontal wire railings. The posts were installed just so I could see how they look. They screw into a metal base fixed to the floor and can be unscrewed for staining and hole drilling.

It's nice to see an idea that has been in my head for over two years finally nearing completion.


Lola said...

Terrific. Just as I imagined. Great job.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good job. It looks very inviting. Are you going to have a place to sit and read/research?

Layanee said...

It is beautiful. I do love it. So will you lie on the floor like a kid and read up there or is it just for storage? It looks way too cozy to pass up.

Christopher C. NC said...

I plan to get a medium sized bean bag chair to put up there for reading and lounging.

Heaven Scent said...

Hi Christopher! You did an awesome job! I love it!!!