Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fire And Paint

The bindi is back. I was spurred to have a fire and burn up the collected pile of rubbish. Cleaning out stuff generated four years of way in the past tax papers that I didn't want to just throw away. You never know where all that information could land. I burned it.

I plan to take control of this last section of the sunny utility meadow between the Creation and the log behind the bindi this year. It is filled with elderberry, blackberry and New England aster that forms a six foot tall impenetrable jumble. Useless. Just keeping it weed whacked will be a start. That alone allows more interesting things to take hold.

Then it was back to painting before the weathers turn. Level one is complete. Someone really needs to get up on the roof of the service entrance and clean that thing. It is disgusting.

There is a suggestion of four inches of rain in the next two days before it turns back to normal January temperatures on Wednesday. A further out diagnosis is suggesting highs in the teens by next Tuesday. This is good. Cold, but good. We do not need a repeat of last spring with things breaking dormancy early only to get zapped by late cold spells.

I have a number of inside processes that will keep me busy during the deluge that is headed this way. There may even be plenty naps in my near future.

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Lola said...

Glad you got some burning done before it wasn't feasible. You wouldn't be surprised what dumpster divers would do with info they find.
Taking charge is the way to go. I have a corner that I need to take charge of.