Sunday, January 20, 2013

Plan B At 50 Degrees

Maybe if I cleaned the mini-loft, organized the books and got rid of the excess paint supplies, a solution would arrive for my shelving dilemma. Not. What I have come up with is that the mini-loft is the shelf.

My original idea was to build two shelves in each corner with the front shelf on wheels so it could be rolled away to access the back shelf. My objection to that has centered around that what you will see are four solid side panels, two in each corner filling the space. Maybe that won't be as bad as I am thinking, but for now I wait for another idea to pop into my head. It feels better having it clean and less cluttered at least.

I looked at metal shelving and none of the pre-manufactured units that I saw would work in this odd space. This is a custom fit job.

It was sunny and got up to 50 briefly today. The snow is taking its sweet time to melt. That heavy wet snow must have compacted fairly well when it crashed to the ground. Maybe I got more than three inches. It might have said 50, but the cold emanating from all that snow said 35. I stayed inside cleaning and contemplating.

Forget the shelves for now. I am going ahead with my posts and railings. Two wood posts will create an opening door and something for me to latch onto when I climb up there. Then horizontal wire will go from the posts directly into the roof. This doesn't have to be to code. The inspector man isn't coming back. So I am thinking I will only go 20 inches high with four wires spaced 5 inches apart.

One medium sized blue bean bag chair will make it complete.

I built my clothes storage cabinets and hanging clothes closet, tidied, tossed and displayed and was still left with three and a half tubs of stuff and no place to put it. The cardboard box is full of framed art and there are no more walls for hanging. Those plastic tubs hold the hieroglyphics of my life. I'm vain enough to think there is an interesting story in there that may get told one day and can't seem to part with it. I'll need that stuff. My memory is optional.

I have no place for it. It will have to be returned to the luxury basement accommodations next door.

Kitties got even more running around outside in today. If only they could learn to wipe their feet when they come back inside. They sleep much more during the night when they are not snoozing all day long.

One winter project has been scratched off the list, at least temporarily until a better notion comes along.


Janet QueenofSeaford said...

Given the size of our house, I applaud you with your use of space. We have spread out a little more with each house. We say we live on the main level of 1300 sqft, but our junk covers a lot more! (and don't we all want our junk?)

Lola said...

I like your idea. Sorting is a good thing. Me, I'm getting rid of things I have kept all these yrs. Finally realized none of offspring's would be interested in it.
Hope the kitties will be able to go out more.

Robin said...

Depending on how much space there really is, shelves on each side and below the tailgate. Then floating shelves along both walls.