Saturday, January 26, 2013

Staining Weather

It started off really cold, but the sun was out. It slowly crept above freezing. I was ready. Four shelves were stained and are now drying in the mini-loft library. By the time I was done it had even reached a tolerable 45.

Despite cold fingers it was a relatively quick process. There was time left on a sunny winter's day for a stroll to the ridge top garden. Over there the snow is nearly gone.

Nearly. Bits of snow remain, while daffodils contemplate their surroundings

The kitties were coaxed to join me. It isn't hard. They enjoy our long excursions with the extra protection a loud human has to offer. My real goal is to wake them up and get them off the couch, lazy beasts.

Considering how many bulbs there are packed into the ground, there is still very little showing. Now that winter is here, there has not been much change. Bulbs are good about stopping the process when the world turns cold again.

Some times things have gone too far. The bloom can't be stopped. Iris reticulata are early, always one of the first bulbs to bloom, coming in with the crocus. This one has jumped the gun. Two others planted a foot away aren't even showing buds yet.

Button stops to lick the dripping icicles.

Tomorrow there should be a few hours of painting weather. Winter's return is scheduled for mid week.


Sallysmom said...

Button looks almost ghostly.

Christopher C. NC said...

Must be the light bouncing off the snow.

Lola said...

Good job. I like it all. Good strolls for all. Button sure is growing.

Benjamin Vogt said...

That pic of button is great! And I love yer little loft library. Looks so warm and inviting -- inviting for one person only, the best kind of place.