Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Plan C From 10 to 28 Degrees

Unless it rains enough in the next wave, all this snow is not going to melt before the next snow arrives with it. The temperatures don't look promising. We are now having an extended period of winter, as we should in January. There was zero melting today. Everything has turned to ice.

With a suggested high of only 30 today accompanied by stiff winds I planned on staying put in the cozy cabin. I also planned ahead with plan C for the library shelving in the mini-loft. The minion called and suggested building shelves that faced out towards the living space instead of facing in to the center of the loft. Don't ask me why that thought didn't enter my own head.

A shelf shape was born.

I do believe this accomplishes my desire for a more open look. Seeing the books will even say "library".

I bought two boards so I built another. I can make one of these shelves with a ten foot board. Now I need to make two more. For two of them at least I will add another shelf in the rectangular part. I'll need an extra board for that.

There is enough depth that I could fit three shelves on each side if I want. That option becomes more doable if I can find some really low profile wheels that can be put on the bottom for locomotion. They need to be sanded and stained of course. That process can wait for another day.

The minion had a brilliant and attractive solution for my shelving dilemma.

If the snow's not going to melt, I won't be able to prep ground for my poppy seeds anytime soon. That means I can finish up my shelving project. My special order bifold doors for the hanging clothes closet should be here soon too.

It's a good thing I have a long list of winter projects. Multiple plans always get worked through and I am forever having to adjust processes around the weathers. I haven't gotten stuck with nothing to do very often


Sallysmom said...

I love the look of the bookcases! Way to go!

Dianne said...

I had thought of that too, but instead of books, especially on the front shelves in the triangle, you could put your objects d'art.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Minion you are brilliant!! I saw it in writing. Yipee. The shelves do look good.

Christopher C. NC said...

I had help Sallysmom. Funny how an idea can get stuck in your head and not let another fresh idea in. This is much better than what I was planning.

Dianne you should have spoke up. Yes objects d'art can go in the triangles or the top shelf. I toyed with the notion of full sized triangles, felt they would be too tall and lopped off the top point.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa the minion will be happy to have her brilliance confirmed in writing.

Dianne said...

My brain is frozen, what can I tell you. Helping the farrier trim your seven horses feet in 23 degree weather will do that to you. And yes, I saw that new snow in the forecast for the end of the week. We also still have some leftover snow.

Lola said...

Brilliant. I love this idea. They do look good.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for the wisdom of The Minion! Stay warm, my friend.