Friday, January 22, 2016

A Rip Roaring Morning

I went to bed with rain and woke up to snow.

I also woke up to a mighty fierce wind. I'm guessing I got about four inches of snow on the front side of the storm. It is hard to tell cause some places were wind scraped smooth and there are big piles of snow a few feet away.

The wind was fierce.

Things calmed down by late afternoon. The wind changed direction. Now I wait for the NW flow snow to begin. That's when I get more snow than everyone else. Asheville and parts south and east of me got a foot or more of snow this morning. I got a fierce wind.

One more day of snow is coming.

This is winter.


Lola said...

Poor Uncle Ernie. He can see it all.

Lisa Greenbow said...


Christopher C. NC said...

All Poor Uncle Ernie is seeing is the snow plow every now and again. There has been no traffic which is surprising. Most snows folks up here just keep going no matter what.

13 degrees of Brrrrrr this morning Lisa and a heavy NW flow of snow.