Friday, January 8, 2016

An Afternoon Stroll

It rained all morning, the perfect reason to sit and finish reading a good book. I have enough troubles with me sitting still. Three cats cooped up in a tiny house because they are just too delicate to go outside when things aren't right is just as worrisome. You never know when all that rest will unravel in a bolt of energy.

"Come on beasts. You wanna go for a walk?" They do. They always do when the rain stops and it warms above our minimum operating temperature.

I wander off and three cats follow.

Miss Dinah stays close. I'm bigger than the scary things out there.

Button lags behind then lunges ahead at a gallop. Miss Collar brings up the rear, wary, because she knows Button is just waiting for the chance to jump on her head.

My silver lamium killing efforts are getting noticeable. There is a definite anemic look and desiccation where it was sprayed. That green area in the leaf litter is the last area in the ridge top garden left unsprayed.

I would like to say that is all that remains. Far from it. I found one place I missed and there are other entire slopes I was asked not to spray. I may need to look at those places in the future with the idea of making firebreaks around them to prevent its escape into the forest.

The Blue Pot Art Project lives alone for the winter. Only my deer hunter and the varmints see it. I still think it would be so much better with a solid wall for a background.

There are snowdrops scattered all around. They are a touch early this year. They always come up now. Normally they take their sweet time to bloom, as in weeks. This year many are coming up and getting busy immediately.

Next week is looking winter cold as it should be. We may all be spending a fair amount of time inside. Something is bound to get cleaned.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Along with the cold temperatures let the cleaning begin.

Christopher C. NC said...

I'm scared Lisa.

Lola said...

Just go for it. I love #3. If it could talk.

Swimray said...

Things got cold again here in Virginia. Love the hamamelis color.