Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Warm Enough

There was full on sunshine. There was no wind of consequence. There was no snow on the ground. There were not very many degrees to speak of either. I should at least try. I layered up and headed to the ridge top garden with long handled hedge clippers in hand.

Last year I didn't do it and was annoyed come spring when the bulbs came up.

Three hours later half of the garden was completed. I was surprised how much of the chop and drop of the dead dried sticks of the perennial wild flowers I was able to cut down in such a short time. That is a major chunk of the annual hand mowing I do.

You see, I don't like all those dead brown sticks poking up when the bulbs are blooming. It looks so much better with a flat one dimensional surface. The tiny minor bulbs in particular show up much better when they are not competing with four foot tall standing rubbish. The sooner it all hits the ground, the sooner it will decompose.

Normally I wait for a heavy crushing snow to assist. This winter has not been normal and I am beginning to doubt we will get any substantial snow at all. A sunny opportunity presented itself. I got to chopping.

There is only another acre and a half to go.


Lola said...

I like the flat better also. Remember the sun too.

Lisa Greenbow said...

That is a lot of chopping.