Friday, January 1, 2016


The diagnosis is saying 40/20's until Thursday followed by 50/30's. It isn't showing any snow, only sunshine then rain. Is this the beginning of winter? I'll take it. At the least it will put a halt to more spring growth from more plants. I have seen enough things that have already pushed things to far. It's only a matter of how much damage there will be.

Snow drops are good. There are supposed to be snowdrops in January. Maybe there will even be some snow flakes in January.

The little baby evergreens of the winter under garden should be fine with the 20's. I have to hope they are not too confused and will reverse course in the direction of cold hardiness and dormancy.

If it is going to get much colder, than I will be needing snow for insulation. El Nino should be providing ample moisture for that.

It was cloudy all day and didn't get much past 40. The wind picked up this afternoon making the day even less conducive to being outside. I was not feeling inspired.

It was a day for necessary mundane chores. The GFI plug I use to run the heat tape for my plumbing box lost power.  I took it apart to have a look. It seems the plug went bad and needs to be replaced. I do know when I wasn't using it some tiny bug moved in and filled the plug slots with mud. I doubt that helped matters.

All the water filters were cleaned or replaced. Then I sat down and totaled out my books for the year in preparation for tax time. When things like that get overly loathsome, I can have a nice fire with all the sticks I have picked up in the last two months. I'm saving that for an emergency.

According to my books I had a week of unpaid vacation compared to last year. It don't feel like it. I certainly didn't go anywhere. I do know I kind of crashed mid-September and stopped working six days a week. That generally means I worked more here.

'Jelena' will bloom on through this coming cold. 40/20's is the expected weather of February when I would expect the hybrid Witch Hazels to bloom. 'Diane' is waffling. 'Arnold's Promise' is holding out.

This hellebore is probably toast. For winter blooming perennials, they have been very prone to freeze damage and loss of bloom up here on the mountain.

Compared to many others, the wild cultivated gardens are pretty dormant. We can handle winter with minimal discomfort. Other gardens I tend have me worried.


Lola said...

It has cooled a tad here after we got a shower.

Barry said...

I found a tiny species of spider apparently loves to build little mud cocoons, plugging up the brass orifices in gas BBQ's and da kine. Maybe that's what set up shop in your GFCI.

Lisa Greenbow said...

I didn't know there was a spider that made mud cocoons. Interesting. I wonder what species it is? I do know that native bees will do this too. Maybe you could put one of those child protectors in the plug holes you don't use to keep the critters out.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I guess you have to enjoy any cooling you get down there.

Could be a spider Barry. The receptacles were full of carcasses.

Lisa all my covered, supposed to be weather proof outdoor plugs and switches were full of wasp nests, spider webs and debris. I did think of those child proof plugs last night. I will get some when I buy a new GFI plug.