Saturday, January 23, 2016

Real Snow

This is the big one. After months with nothing more than thin layers of white dust, the first real snow of the winter is here.

There was a little prelude last week with two half inch snows. Half an inch barely registers as a real snow up here on the mountain top.

Yesterday a howling wind delivered about four inches, while forty five minutes east, Asheville got a foot or more. I was a bit disappointed. Is that all I get?

The north west flow started that night. It has delivered my missing snow all day long.

I may have a foot of snow by the time it is over.

Miss Collar is the only one willing to do her business outside. There are even a few flying leap and slides involved. Quickly. Then it is over.

Tomorrow I will shovel real snow.


Carol McKenzie said...

I'd send you some of ours if I could. And cats...our former full-time outdoor cat came inside during the worst of the cold and snow, but still wants to spend most of his time outdoors, sitting in the sun, surveying his domain. The indoor-outdoor bunch still go out to do their business, but now hurry back in. The indoor cats...are still indoor cats, with no interest in the wider world.

As much as I dislike 14" of snow, I will take the cold, grudgingly. I had daffodils coming up, along with other "spring" bulbs. I'm hoping this chills them into submission for awhile, and they'll bloom at the right time. Or maybe that's wishful thinking, since it's forecast to be in the 60s the first week of February.

The flowering quince, which flowered at Christmas, I fear is a loss for the year. Its blooms turned to brown shredded mush, and the buds that hadn't opened appear to look mushy as well.

Christopher C. NC said...

Carol I got plenty of snow for the first real snow of the winter. Thanks for the offer of more. Three cats, three variations on minimum conditions required for outdoor business. It will be interesting to see what happens to various plants that jumped the gun in December. Up on the mountain all is fairly normal. Some gardens I tend in town got way ahead of things.

Lola said...

Think this coooold weather will hold back some of the blooms here.