Thursday, January 7, 2016


Confusion laps at the edges when my work schedule breaks down. What should I do? When time, even a few hours, and the weather conspire to make outside activities an option, it feels like I should get moving. The answer though might be, do nothing. Sit. Rest. Read.

I need to do the chop and drop of three acres of dead stalks of the dried up wild flowers. I keep waiting, thinking I am supposed to get a heavy snow assist. All there has been so far is frozen dust. Is this going to be a snowless winter?

I guess it is time to get moving on that. The bulbs could be early this year.

The grasses can wait. They can wait a long time. There is no need to cut them down until I see green shoots rising at the base.

'Jelena' was unfazed by lows of 13 and 17. I hope the leaf buds took note.

A short warm up to cool with rain, not snow, will be followed by a cool down back to cold on Monday. Depending on the wind there might be an hour or two of minimum operating temperatures that could be put to use.

Cold and cold cool are enough to get the Yucca filamentosa 'Color Guard' to add red to its repertoire, a nice touch in the barren time.

The chop and drop has been done on the slope below the cozy cabin. It is but one tiny section of the wild cultivated gardens. There are acres to go. That chore seems more appealing than cleaning up the destruction Sister #2 is making in the back forty. Maybe I will just wait until she gets here and show her the joys of bonfires in cold weather. It will involve a chainsaw. She will like that.


Lola said...

Hold on friend. Things will get better. At least that's what I tell myself.

Christopher C. NC said...

Everything is good Lola. Sitting still just takes some adjustments for me.

Lisa Greenbow said...

Today there is rain here. No doubt about sitting and reading.